The Network

Enjoying the support of the Alumni Advisory Board chaired by Melchior Wathelet, the HEC Alumni Network mainly consists of:

  • Alumni working in various areas of expertise in Belgium and elsewhere
  • representatives of the regional economies
  • members of HEC Liège.

The entity meets twice a year to define the Alumni Network's policy and communication options and recommend a program of activities tailored to the specific requirements of each alumni group.

This structure helps to create strong momentum and like-mindedness among HEC Liège's students, alumni, staff and partners by involving them in all decision-making processes, and by sharing and living its fundamental values.


  • promote the image of HEC Liège
  • protect the value of the degrees it awards
  • develop pride in belonging to the community of HEC Liège graduates

In order to achieve these aims, the Alumni Network:

  • encourages the creation of professional and friendly relations between its members
  • participates in their professional development
  • cooperates with the School in promoting its teaching activities.

How to get involved in the Alumni Network ?

The HEC Liège Network can offer you several options for getting involved. 
It is easy to stay connected to the other graduates and make a contribution to the Schools development:

  • Offer an Internship to our students. Several options are introduced below.
  • Participate in After Masters: come along and share your career experiences with students during the After Masters evenings organized by the Alumni network according to a simple concept: turning a spotlight on specific fields of activity in which graduates are involved by letting students know about their everyday professional lives and their  careers
  • Become a Mentor to lend support to young graduates as they start their careers, thanks to our project Mentoring for Women. Mentors with a high level of professional experience supervise young graduates, helping them to target their career options and avoid the glass ceiling and other employment traps. Contact : Sabine Hauser 
  • Become thesis jury reviewers
  • During a course you can speak from first-hand experience in a specific area 
  • Participate in the HEC Liège Entrepreneurs Juries : more information

Contact : Aurore TILKIN

Tap into the expertise of HEC Liège students

Have you ever thought about using the expertise of our students? Your company can enjoy a real boost while making a contribution to the training of the School's undergraduate and graduate students !

More information

Alumni services 

  • Looking for a graduate using the Alumni Directory (available soon)
  • Training opportunity

Do you want to gain new skills? To make a career change? To specialize in a specific area of management or to build on professional experience in order to progress within the company?

HEC Liège offers a wide range of training options to its Alumni. In addition, HEC Liège offers businesses customized training courses at all management levels.

Contacts : Aurore TILKIN

More information

  • Your status as one of the HEC Liège Alumni entitles you to be a member of the ULg Alumni.

ULg offers exclusive services and benefits for its graduates, across all faculties: customized employment service, online sharing forum comprising an official e-mail address, access to the university libraries and their online resources, special rates in several retail outlets, etc.



Last update :17/11/2016