The Network

Enjoying the support of the Alumni Advisory Board chaired by Melchior Wathelet, the HEC Alumni Network mainly consists of:

  • Alumni working in various areas of expertise in Belgium and elsewhere
  • representatives of the regional economies
  • members of HEC Liège.

The entity meets twice a year to define the Alumni Network's policy and communication options and recommend a program of activities tailored to the specific requirements of each alumni group.

This structure helps to create strong momentum and like-mindedness among HEC Liège's students, alumni, staff and partners by involving them in all decision-making processes, and by sharing and living its fundamental values.


  • promote the image of HEC Liège
  • protect the value of the degrees it awards
  • develop pride in belonging to the community of HEC Liège graduates

In order to achieve these aims, the Alumni Network:

  • encourages the creation of professional and friendly relations between its members
  • participates in their professional development
  • cooperates with the School in promoting its teaching activities.

How to get involved in the Alumni Network ?

The HEC Liège Network can offer you several options for getting involved. 
It is easy to stay connected to the other graduates and make a contribution to the Schools development:

  • Offer an Internship to our students. Several options are introduced below.
  • Participate in After Masters: come along and share your career experiences with students during the After Masters evenings organized by the Alumni network according to a simple concept: turning a spotlight on specific fields of activity in which graduates are involved by letting students know about their everyday professional lives and their  careers
  • Become a Mentor to lend support to young graduates as they start their careers, thanks to our project Mentoring for Women. Mentors with a high level of professional experience supervise young graduates, helping them to target their career options and avoid the glass ceiling and other employment traps. Contact : Sabine Hauser 
  • Become thesis jury reviewers
  • During a course you can speak from first-hand experience in a specific area 
  • Participate in the HEC Liège Entrepreneurs Juries : more information

Contacts : Françoise PUTZEYS & Aurore TILKIN

Tap into the expertise of HEC Liège students

Have you ever thought about using the expertise of our students? Your company can enjoy a real boost while making a contribution to the training of the School's undergraduate and graduate students.


In the final year of their Master's degree course, all students are required to complete an in-company internship and a final year dissertation (FYD).

Win-win; when you host a student intern in your company you enable him/her to become acquainted with the life and management of a company and to confront the theoretical knowledge acquired with its practical implementation. 

The internship is also a really great opportunity for you, enabling you to make the most of a HEC Liège student's expertise, thanks to the work accomplished in the light of the specific assignment the student receives.

If you want to offer an internship to HEC Liège students, please complete and send the form (via the "Offer an Internship" link) to

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Practice-based master thesis

As part of the practice-based master thesis, students are required to analyze a major management question relevant to the specialization the students have chosen, and make recommendations on behalf of a company. 

The student is present in the company throughout the academic year,

  • one day a week during the first four-month term
  • full time during the second four-month term (January to April).


The School and the company are able to benefit from this active partnership:

  • the company is able to benefit from a free analysis of a real management problem it would not otherwise have the resources to solve
  • the student acquires training as a result of analyzing the problem raised, while gaining a first taste of professional life.

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HEC Liège Entrepreneurs 

HEC Liège Entrepreneurs is a Master’s degree program in management sciences with a specialization in entrepreneurship. It is open to university graduates from all branches and all faculties.

This program is entirely organized around and complementary to companies, in Belgium and elsewhere.

Supervised by their mentors and working in multidisciplinary teams, the participants work on real questions provided by companies and produce professional analyses and recommendations.


  • The entrepreneurial spirit becomes a reality for our students
  • For you, as one of the alumni, this is a unique opportunity to help maintain the momentum of one of their projects. You also benefit from the expertise of multidisciplinary teams comprising university graduates, and their actual work that can be readily applied within your company.

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Junior Companies

Junior Companies are associations with an educational and economic aim allowing knowledge built up during the academic process to be put into practice.


  • Students expose their knowledge to the real business world
  • Companies and alumni tap into the expertise of HEC Liège students.

HEC Liège Advisory

HEC Advisory is a junior business involving 18 HEC Liège students and supported by experienced professors and the School Alumni network.

It offers your business a portfolio of analytical and advisory services, mainly in the financial, accounting and strategic sectors. 

Four main types of service are offered:

  • financial analysis
  • performance audit
  • help in sourcing funding
  • design of business plans

What are the advantages for you? Much more attractive prices, compared with those offered by the large consultancy firms; flexibility and innovative thinking from the students to achieve original and reliable solutions.

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HEC Investing Group

HEC-ULg Investing Group is an investment club that brings together students, alumni, academic and scientific staff of the University of Liège, motivated, interested in finance or seeking opportunities in trading, consulting, or investment banking.

The main activities are:  management of an actual portfolio, training (financial modeling and business valuation), use of professional trading platforms, organization of private events for the club members (conferences and visits), organization of public events.

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HEC Consulting Group

HEC Consulting Group is a marketing consultancy managed by 18 Master in Management students at HEC Liège. It is the first company in Belgium – in terms of turnover – to be entirely managed by students.

It specializes in all types of market research:

  • satisfaction surveys
  • feasibility studies
  • business location surveys
  • brand awareness studies
  • competition

What are the advantages for you?

  • a network of several hundred investigators at your disposal
  • studies undertaken in a range of languages (French, Dutch, English, German)
  • tailor-made studies to match your needs
  • quality service at an unbeatable price

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HEC Consulting Group has all the advantages which make big companies successful and much more

Didier Bronne, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Etilux

Alumni services 

  • Issuing official documents 

Requesting a confirmation of successful completion
Requesting a copy of your qualification

  • Looking for a graduate using the Alumni Directory
  • Training opportunity

As one of the  HEC Liège Alumni, you qualify for benefits and discounts related to continuing training programs provided by HEC Liège Executive School.
These  programs are focused on the needs of companies and applied to different management levels (from strategic decision-makers to operational levels).

Contacts : Françoise PUTZEYS & Aurore TILKIN

  • Your status as one of the HEC Liège Alumni entitles you to be a member of the ULg Alumni.

ULg offers exclusive services and benefits for its graduates, across all faculties: customized employment service, online sharing forum comprising an official e-mail address, access to the university libraries and their online resources, special rates in several retail outlets, etc.



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