Bachelor in economics and management in french and german

HEC Liege is offering a bilingual Bachelor’s degree program in economics and management in French and German.

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Target groups

This program is intended for all those who are interested in a bilingual course in the field of management studies, especially students finishing their secondary studies in a “German” immersion program and German speaking students.



1st block

Bilingual French and German



2nd block

Bilingual French and German



3rd block

Double Diploma

1st block 

This program consists of 5 courses organized in German for a total of 25 credits out of the 60 credits comprising an academic year:

  • Volkswirtschaftslehre – Mikroökonomik et Volkswirtschaftslehre - Makroökonomik (Political economics, micro and makro economics): taught by a German professor; these courses are also included in the Law Faculty program 
  • Finanzwesen und Buchführung (accounting and finance) (Professor Wilfried Niessen, Assistant: Magali Herman)
  • Politikwissenschaft  (Professor Lydia Klinkenberg)
  • Interkulturelles Seminar und Sprachcoaching (intercultural seminar and language coaching) (Head of Work: Sylvia Deroose) comprising several components:  German and French language support (based mainly on individual oral and written work), an introduction to French language and German language culture (especially through reading newspapers and cultural activities, meetings with German and Austrian students) and an approach to the corporate world through lectures in French and German.

2nd block 

The program of the 2nd block also contains three courses taught in German, for a value of 17 ECTS credits:

  • Finanzmärkte
  • Marketinggrundlagen
  • Deutsch 2 für den zweisprachigen Bachelor.

3rd block 

In order to obtain a double degree, students have the possibility of undertaking a study stay of one year at the Universität Hohenheim (Stuttgart).  On completion of this program, they are awarded the diploma for each of the partner institutions. 

For their last year of the Bachelor’s degree program, students can also choose an Erasmus stay with one of the German and Austrian partners in our network.  In this case, the credits are transferred to HEC Liege, which delivers its Bachelor’s degree.


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