Developing creativity and enterpreneurship (Bac)

The development of creativity and the spirit of entrepreneurship: these workshops, which often take the form of integrated projects, range from the design to the concrete realization of an entrepreneurial project.

Presentation of the workshops :


Boost your creativity (CREA)

Language: french
Teacher-Pilot : Audrey Levêque
Note : no-prerequisites

Do you think you're too much of a conformist? Have you ever been blamed for your lack of creativity? Do you want to develop your creative skills?

This workshop is for you!

Creativity can be acquired. You can work on it and that is precisely what we do in this module.

Together, we will explore :

  • how creativity is perceived, what it means to you
  • how it is defined in a more theoretical way
  • how you can develop it, individually as well as collectively (through simulations and exercises to be done beside the workshop)
  • how you can set up tools yourself to carry on working on your creativity in your studies and in your daily life.

Give meaning to his project. When pleasure is a reliable compass! (FUNX)

Language : french
Teacher-Pilot : André Bailly
Note : no prerequisites

Faced with a multitude of possibilities and pressures of all kinds, it is not always easy to make a choice, to make a decision. So how do you imagine a long-term project, a choice of orientation, a job or just a life that really suits us?

It is essential to learn to determine what motivates and hinders us. What are our short-term goals and goals in life? Why do we follow this or that path? Is it for personal pleasure or is it someone else's pleasure?

Pleasure is a powerful engine. The game is without a doubt one of the best ways to learn. Pleasure is also one of the main constituents of our emotions. Learning to recognize our emotions and listen to them can guide us on the path to take. They help us understand how well the actions we put in place are in line with our goals.

To imagine, cre-ACTIV-ate, improvise - HERE (IMPC)

Language: french
Teacher-Pilot: Pascal Renard
Note : no prerequisites.

Objectives :

  • To enable students, future managers and/or leaders to optimize interpersonal relationships through verbal and non-verbal engagement, cheek and repartee. To be active and an actor.
  • To change perspectives and banish "you simply need to..." answers by using theatrical techniques, sports values,... being positive etc.
  • To develop listening and adaptation skills by getting a thorough understanding of issues. To Ensure.
  • To help students, starting from concrete situations, their student curriculum or their personal experience or even current events, to question their first perception, to get them to understand situations from another angle, to imagine other ones. To take responsibility.
  • To say "Yes, and..." instead of "No". Students imagine other directions, improvise according to the situations proposed, create, create, cre-activ-ate and convince their partners. To Negotiate.
  • Help students make original, clear and professional presentations. Communicate.
  • To make students more autonomous, more confident in their oral presentations and even in exams. To help develop natural self-confidence.

Transformer son idée en un business model qui tient la route (IDBM)

Language: french
Teacher-Pilot : Sylvia Nitelet
Remarque : Les étudiants qui assistent à cet atelier ont une ou plusieurs idées qu’ils souhaitent concrétiser et valider

Vous avez une idée de Business Model, vous l’avez peut-être déjà mise sur papier ou pas encore ?  Vous avez entendu parler des outils disponibles gratuitement permettant la création du Business Model mais vous manquez de challenge et d’une vision externe ?  Vous souhaitez acquérir une méthode structurée et faire le tri dans toutes les informations disponibles ? Vous avez envie de voir votre idée challengée ?

Vous êtes au bon endroit !!!

Dans cet atelier, nous allons entre autres     

  • lister les outils et apprendre à les utiliser
  • définir votre offre  
  • créer et dynamiser votre business model
  • estimer son opportunité entrepreunariale

Au travers, d’éléments théoriques, d’exemples et d’exercices pratico-pratiques mais aussi d’accompagnement individuel, vous allez acquérir des outils et une méthode vous permettant de concrétiser votre idée et la transposer en business model. Tout ceci en développant un mindset d’entrepreneur orienté solution et vision 360°.     

Last update :17/09/2020