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Have you ever thought about using the expertise of our students? Your company can enjoy a real boost while making a contribution to the training of the School's undergraduate and graduate students.


In the final year of their Master's degree course, all students are required to complete an in-company internship and a final year dissertation (FYD).

Win-win; when you host a student intern in your company you enable him/her to become acquainted with the life and management of a company and to confront the theoretical knowledge acquired with its practical implementation. 

The internship is also a really great opportunity for you, enabling you to make the most of a HEC Liège student's expertise, thanks to the work accomplished in the light of the specific assignment the student receives.

If you want to offer an internship to HEC Liège students, please complete and send the form (via the "Offer an Internship" link) to

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Practice-based master thesis

As part of the practice-based master thesis, students are required to analyze a major management question relevant to the specialization the students have chosen, and make recommendations on behalf of a company. 

The student is present in the company throughout the academic year,

  • one day a week during the first four-month term
  • full time during the second four-month term (January to April).


The School and the company are able to benefit from this active partnership:

  • the company is able to benefit from a free analysis of a real management problem it would not otherwise have the resources to solve
  • the student acquires training as a result of analyzing the problem raised, while gaining a first taste of professional life.

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Last update :21/06/2016