Transition Days - 2020

HEC Liège Transition Days

March 18, 19 & 20 - 2020


We regret to inform you that we have to postpone this event, due to measures taken to limit the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in Belgium. 

Thank you for your understanding



For 3 days, together, let’s position environmental and socio-economic transition as our core activity.

Various events, workshops and activities will give us the opportunity to address enterprises’ corporate social responsibility, environment and sustainability.

These activities will be organized in partnership with various actors. One of the highlights of HEC Liège first Transition days is the Philippe de Woot Award, rewarding the best master thesis offering a contribution to the understanding of CSR and/or sustainable development. Our guest speaker for this event will be Mr Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement.



The Impact Tour - powered by Sowecsom This event is postponed

Target : HEC Liege Community / French

Half a day of visits of social and sustainable enterprises in the Liege area. Come and meet entrepreneurial initiatives that integrate social impact at the heart of their business model!

> 09h00 : Le Comptoir des Ressources Créatives
For creators and by creators : professionalization through mutualisation!
> 10h30 : Benoît Nihant Chocolatier
Sustainable chocolate, from the bean to the bar!
> 12h00 : Les Grignoux
When the indomitable Gauls are successfully demonstrating that alternatives are possible!


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CES         SWCS


In partnership with le Centre d’Economie Sociale & Sowecsom


Enactus kick-off meeting This event is postponed

12h00-13h00 - French/English - Room 220

Are you eager to tackle societal issues? Would you like to create a more sustainable world in an entrepreneurial way? Are you curious? Do you like working in teams?   Enactus Belgium might be the right thing for you!  

Enactus offers you the possibility to make a meaningful difference in your community, while at the same time giving you the experience, skills, and contacts you need to build a successful career. Enactus provides a unique opportunity to work together with other entrepreneurial students on setting up social start-ups in a global organization. Interested?

Come join us at the ENACTUS KICK-OFF event on 18 March. You can meet Enactus students and alumni Enactus, be inspired about social entrepreneurship, participate in a brainstorming session on project ideas and who knows, meet your future teammates!


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What is ENACTUS?

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that allows students, companies and higher education institutions to work together on creating a (more) sustainable world and the development of responsible leaders and social entrepreneurs and innovators. As a member of an Enactus team, you ’re part of a worldwide network of more than 72.000 students in 37 countries - setting up innovative, entrepreneurial projects and start-ups to tackle societal issues in their communities.
Since October 2018, Belgium is the 37th Enactus country, and today, we have 7 active student teams in Belgium.  
You can make history by joining the very first team with your fellow students at HEC Liège/ULiège.
At Enactus, students get the opportunity to start their own project. The main goal is to make this project grow into a fully independent, social business. The SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) form the framework for Enactus projects to realize their positive impact.
As a member of an Enactus project, you will start a social enterprise together with other students. Together you go through the different phases, from choosing a societal issue, to tackling this challenge as entrepreneurs. Leaders from the business world and social organizations will support you throughout this process. Enactus projects don’t stop when the academic year ends or when students start a different adventure. New students are continuously recruited so the project can grow into real start-ups.    
We strongly encourage students from all disciplines to participate, because it’s is our experience that working in multidisciplinary teams creates the greatest impact. It is possible to plan your time in a flexible manner. And combining Enactus with your studies and other activities is feasible.  
Enactus develops you into an entrepreneurial and responsible leader. Enactus Belgium supports you and your team with starting up a project by organizing workshops, connecting you with our partner companies, through mentorship and much more. Each Enactus team has the chance to participate in the National Competition, which will be organized for the second time on 14 May 2020 in Brussels. At this event, all Enactus teams present the positive societal impact they realized over the past year. A professional jury, consisting of representatives from partner companies and other stakeholders, judge the projects and choose one team as the Enactus Belgium National Champion.
The winning team of the National Competition will represent Enactus Belgium at the Enactus World Cup, which takes place in a different country each year.



Journée Portes Ouvertes – « Sustainability @ HEC Liège » This event is postponed

15h00-16h00 - Hall 050

HEC Liège integrates sustainability and social responsibility into its curricula!
Expo HEC Transition Stars*
Videos broadcasting
Meeting point for prospective students and their parents

HEC Citizen's Challenge Plogging This event is postponed

16h30-17h30 - French/English - Target: General Public

HEC Citizen's Challenge Plogging - Or how to take car of yourself while preserving our environment!

Join us on HEC Campus on March 18th at 4:30 and choose your route:

  • Plogging - 5 km: from HEC to the “Fragnée” bridge, through the “Boverie” park, then via the “Belle Liégeoise” pedestrian bridghe and return via the Guillemins Station.
  • Walk - 2 km: cigarette butts and/or waste pick-up from rue Louvrex to rue Saint-Gilles, going around and through the Botanical Garden.
  • Free route around and on HEC campus.

Our 2020 challenge: 20 kilos to collect over an hour!

Pick-up material (for adults and children) at your disposal.
If you already have some, bring your personal equipment.


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WAPP               VL

In partnership with Wallonie Plus Propre & VentureLab

Conference - Building a sustainable world: from motivation to action This event is postponed

18h00 - Room 035 - French

Face aux crises écologiques et sociales, partout dans le monde, des individus cherchent des solutions, repensent les modèles économiques, questionnent les politiques, font entendre leur voix... Au travers de ces actions de transition, les entreprises ont un rôle primordial à jouer ; elles ont le pouvoir d’actionner des leviers. Derrière ces leviers, se trouvent des individus. Comment aligner engagement sociétal et valeurs de l’entreprise ? Quelles sont les clefs ?

Nous vous proposons d’assister à la rencontre entre Grégory Mahy, Professeur et spécialiste en Biodiversité, et Christophe Delhez, Associé Gérant de la Tôlerie Delhez. L’un partagera, avec nous, sa vision des écosystèmes basés sur la biodiversité et l’autre exposera comment il a fait du développement durable un levier de management innovant au sein de son entreprise.


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VL          Liege Creative

In partnership with VentureLab & Liege Creative


Debate: Digital and social responsibility - This event is postponed

18h30 - Room 120 - en français

Digital transition is not just fashion. It’s a reality we can’t leave aside. Our world is in constant evolution and science brings new options everyday. However, are they compatible with the environmental challenges our society has to face?  Debate with …


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In partnership with the Digital Lab



Workshop « Sustainability? ZeroWaste? from raising awareness to action » This event is postponed

10h00-12h00 - Open to HEC Liège members - Room 1701

What is your Zero Waste Challenge at HEC? Come and discover some tools for an individual Zero Waste behaviour at work. Go with a realistic commitment according to a MI-A-M Matrix (Mieux, Autrement, Moins / Better, Differently, Less). 

With Cécile Van de Weerdt (Green Office ULiège), Catherine Henrist, (ULiège – Greenmat)


GreenBurger - This event is postponed

12h00-13h30 - Hall HEC Liège

Exclusively for HEC Liège Transition Days, enjoy a vegan burger and a drink proposed by Greenburger for 10€ via pre-selling until March 5th -  Louise Mercier Office

If you miss the pre-sale, Greenburger will offer you a voucher on march 18th so you can still enjoy a burger (9,50€ reduction included).


More than a burger, a concentration of values!



Food Alternatives Market - This event is postponed 

12h00-16h00 - Hall HEC Liège - Target : HEC Liège Community and Masterclass participants

Come and meet our exhibitors related to food transition in the HEC main hall. Discover and taste .., notably with Atelier Constant Berger, Ceinture Aliment-Terre Liégeoise, CRIE, Eclosio, Extinction Rebellion, and Transfo.

A quiz contest will allow you to win great prizes of organic/local and other products!



CATL         Nourrir liege

In partnership with the Ceinture-Aliment-Terre and Nourrir Liège

Master class Tomorrowlands : Tracer les chemins de la Transition - This event is postponed

13h30 - 17h00 - HEC Liège

13h30 -14h00: Welcome

14h00 - 15h30: Parallel Sessions

  • Session 1. EXPERIMENTATIONS / Transition and Food Freedom: Rob Hopkins (Transition Network) and Rob Greenfield (self sufficient US activist) – in English - Room 050
  • Session 2. JEUNES POUSSES / Transition By and For the Youth:  Adelaïde Charlier (Youth for Climate) and Sébastien Pezza (Pour un réveil Ecologique) – in French - Room 030
  • Session 3. ALTERNATIVES PRODUCTIVES / Agroecology as a vector of adaptation: Clotilde Bato (SOL, Notre Affaire à tous) and Nicolas Vereecken (ULB) - in French - Room 223
  • Session 4. RESILIENCES / What jobs in the face of the collapse ?: Arthur Keller (Adrastia) and Cécile Thibaut (Maraichère) - in French
  • Session 5. FERTILISATIONS /  Financing Trransition: Sybille Mertens (HEC Liège, Centre d’Economie Sociale) and Maxime de Rostolan (Fermes d'avenir, Blue Bees) – in French
  • Session 6. TERRES DES VILLES /  Bringing Agriculture back in the city: Antonia Bousbaine, (Géographe ULiège) and Olivier Gruié, Permacultivator), Nicolas Ancion (SmartCity Institute, HEC Liège) – in French
  • Session 7. AUTONOMIES / Pathways to food self-sufficiency in the Cities in Transition: François Rouillay and Sabine Becker (Writers and Permacultivators) – in French

15h45-17h: Plenary Session 

Pathways to Transition: Exchanges with all the speakers of the Master Classes on the theme "what kept you awake last night? What motivated you to get out of bed this morning? - in French and English  


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6th Philippe de Woot Award Ceremony - This event is postponed

18h30 - Room 050 - in English

Conference: 'From What Is to What If: unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want' - Rob Hopkins 

UCL & Philiippe de Woot Foundation Initiative - Hosted by HEC Liège (2020 Organizing Institution)


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Business Breakfast - This event is postponed

7h45-9h30 - HEC Liège - Open to the members and partners of HEC Liège - Room 1701

Managers of the Future, or How to manage the transition to a new sustainability paradigm?
With Rob Hopkins, Writer and Founder of the Transition Network

What skills and knowledge will tomorrow's managers need to ensure the sustainability of their companies in a radically different context? How should Business Schools and Universities rethink the training they offer to tomorrow's leaders? Rob Hopkins, author of numerous best-sellers and initiator of the Transition Movement, will invite us to unleash the power of our imagination to build the solutions of tomorrow.

Registration upon invitation, March 10th at the latest.



HEC Liège Sustain’LABility
Virginie Xhauflair
Marianne Snakers