Intra-company – customized training programs

Do you wish to develop new work methods, adopt an innovative strategy for your company or, to put it briefly, develop a real competitive advantage?

We have a whole network at your disposal, and we can coordinate it to meet the issues addressed.  Our team is composed of collaborators, researchers, practitioners, company directors and executives. They are all carefully selected according to the expertise needed for your project.  This combination of knowledge and practice offers rich, concrete solutions for participants.

Except for certain specific contexts (talks), our intra-company training programs are composed of over 50% active work by participants, taking an objective view with regard to up-to-date scientific models and systematic consideration of the action plans to be implemented following the training program. Follow-up is also offered to participants.

First and foremost, we try to create a partnership with the players in the company in order to make the most of the training time and obtain the best returns in terms of transfers.  For this, we co-construct by defining the expected outputs and the organizational context in which the training program is conducted and by optimizing the teaching features of the training programs.

Advantages of customized training programs

  • Different training programs for different contexts.
  • A team of experts considers your problems with you, from an outside perspective and gives a real added value to your strategic reflection and to the positioning of the training programs in the strategy of your organization. 
  • A choice of experts is made on the basis of your coordinated needs so that the whole of the program is relevant, unique and free of redundant elements.
  • Customized follow-up and contact throughout the period of the training program is established between the manager and our team.  This ensures precise transfer of knowledge gained and opens the way for any further adaptations.
  • Assessments provide a concrete result on the impact of the training program in the company.

Examples of specifically developed intra-company training programs :


  • Internal E-MBAs
  • Team building programs
  • Coaching programs for managers and executives
  • Support for the implementation of skills development plans


  • Coaching or setting up a Strategic Intelligence approach
  • Workshop for high potentials on company strategy
  • Simulations:  company games in strategy and finance
  • Simulations: Strategic Intelligence War Room
  • Workshops: Customer-centric Organizations
  • Seminars on Well-being and Performance
  • Seminars on Nutrition for Performance (chrono-nutrition)


  • Project manager support (coaching)
  • Training (partnership with the University of Quebec in Montreal)
  • Collective coaching and updating for project managers
  • Project Management Office support (coaching)
  • Etc.


  • Becoming a player in change
  • Etc.


  • Finance for non-financials (in French, Dutch and German)
  • Macro-economics
  • IFRS standards
  • Balance score card
  • Risk management
  • Etc.


  • DIGITAL publishing perspectives
  • Workshop to define action plans
  • Etc.


  • Change Management: training and support (in partnership with the LENTIC)
  • Taking up a position as team manager
  • Delegating management
  • Management tools: leading meetings, management of time, indicators etc. 
  • MTHP certification: Very High Performance Management
  • Etc.


  • Customer orientation for researchers / engineers
  • Digital marketing
  •  Marketing strategy and marketing mix
  • Etc.


  • Preparation for Crisis Communication
  • Getting to know each other better and working as a team
  • Managing your emotions
  • Receiving difficult customers
  • Etc.


  • Phoning and objections
  • Leading sales networks
  • Personal branding
  • Contract Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Public speaking or the art of demonstration
  • Time and priority management for sales staff
  • International negotiations
  • Management by objectives for sales teams
  • International prospection
  • Etc.

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