Facts & Figures


ll 2600 Students
ll 33% of international master students
ll 50 foreign nationalities


ll 65 Professors
ll 105 Affiliate Professors and Invited Professors
ll 87 Researchers
ll 77 PhD Students
ll 45% of Faculty has an international profile

Partnerships with Companies

ll 9 Academic Chairs
ll 34 Partner Companies
ll 62 Companies members of the Group for HEC
ll 168 internships in Belgian and foreign companies (2015-2016)
ll 80 Project-thesis (2015-2016)
ll 60 Guest Speakers/year


ll More than 140 Partner Universities located in 42 Countries
ll 18 Double Degrees


ll 14.000 Alumni
ll 1.700 Top Managers
ll 110 Entrepreneurs

Students Performance

ll 94.4% of Retention Rate*
ll 67% - Rate of success for 60 ECTS master (in 1 year)
ll 73% - Rate of success for 120 ECTS master (in 2 years)


ll 92% of our graduates secured employment within six months of graduating
ll One year after graduation, 85% say that their first job meets their expectations, 78% have a permanent contract, 29% work abroad
ll 85.6% first time degree leavers earned more than 20,000€


*Each year, the exit rate is rather small (less than 10%). Our high retention rate in the transition phase from bachelor’s to master’s programs is testimony to the satisfaction of the students with their learning experience as undergraduates, and to the positive word-of-mouth recommendations from master’s graduates 

Last update :05/04/2017