Sowecsom Chair in Social Economics

Titular professor

Sybille Mertens

Social Enterprise and business ethics, Professor



Social economics, entrepreneurship and social innovation, partnerships



The Chair is interested in innovative dynamics developed on the basis of social economics or resulting from partnerships between social enterprises (cooperatives, mutual societies, associations etc.) and other economic players in given areas (SMEs, large companies, public authorities etc.). Via these partnerships, social innovations tried out on the local level can be spread, acting as a lever effect to generate broader economic projects including social and environmental goals.  In this context, the professionalization of social enterprises is not just an end in itself, but above all a means at the service of sustainable economic redistribution bringing together a series of different players.

The SRIW-Sowecsom Chair in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation structures its activities around the three main focuses of the university, namely, teaching, research and services to society.        

Partner(s) of the Chair

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Last update :13/10/2020