Economic analysis and policy


The research domain “economic analysis and policy” focuses on applying different economic approaches to facilitate the decision-making process at the firm and the government level. The researchers contributing to the field, actively promote empirical and applied theoretical analysis to evaluate policy-relevant issues.

They are interested in a wide-spectrum of issues ranging from the regulation of network industries (energy, telecommunication, transport, etc.), innovation, competition policy, the impact of new technologies on regional development or the sustainability of social policies. One of their primary concern is to contribute to the policy debate via scientific research analysis, press coverage, opinion pieces or policy briefs of their research outputs.

The domain is organized around two research centers:

  • The Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) is a research center created jointly by economic and law faculty members. It aims to study the links between competition and innovation in our society. At the boundary of their respective discipline, researchers seek to improve industrial and competition policies.
  • Regional economic development (RED) is a research center focused on analyzing topics of interest from a regional point of view. They develop empirical and theoretical methods to shed new lights on topics with a particular focus on urban, energy and social policies




ARTIGE Lionel, Full Professor, PhD

GATHON Henry-Jean, Full Professor, PhD

GAUTIER Axel, Full Professor, PhD

HERMANS Michel, Full Professor, PhD

JACQMIN Julien, Assistant Professor, PhD

LEFEBVRE Mathieu, Affiliate Professor, PhD

LEFEVRE Mélanie, Affiliate Professor, PhD

LEJEUNE Bernard, Associate Professor, PhD

PERELMAN Sergio, Emeritus Professor, PhD

PESTIEAU Pierre, Emeritus Professor, PhD

THARAKAN Joseph, Associate Professor, PhD

THIRY Bernard, Full Professor, PhD

VAN NEUSS Leif, Assistant Professor, PhD 

WALHEER Barnabé, Assistant Professor, PhD



BULKAERT Justine, Researcher, PhD Student

COPEE Pierre, Teaching & Research Assistant

COPPEE Michel, Teaching & Research Assistant, PhD Student

DENOMERENGE Jonathan, Teaching & Research Assistant, PhD Student

FLAWINNE Xavier, Researcher

FRAIKIN Anne-Lore, PhD Student

LAMESCH Joé, Researcher, PhD Student


PIRON Thibault, Teaching & Research Assistant

REGINSTER Alexandre, Researcher, PhD Student

SALEM Iman, Teaching & Research Assistant, PhD Student

SCHEEWEL Hendrik, Researcher, PhD Student   

VREYS Kim, Researcher, PhD Student


Last update :18/09/2019