The research conducted within the marketing unit is related to a better understanding of consumer experience and behavior in a service context.

Indeed, the context in which service is delivered and experienced has, in many respects, fundamentally changed because of information technology among other factors.

Therefore, the marketing unit examines key research topics such as:

  • Consumer experience in revolutionary services and in the sharing economy (access-based services, peer-to-peer sharing),
  • Consumer experience in key services that have undergone many transformations (healthcare, financial services, etc.),
  • Service innovation, servitization, service infusion

Organizational and employee issues to guarantee successful service (organizational culture, employee skills, etc.).

Research centers and partners involved :

Chair in Digital Media & e-Commerce

Website - Marketing at HEC

Partners : Rossel Group, PFS Web, Selligent, AG Insurance, Universem, Agence du Numérique et Google.


Last update :13/06/2016