Supply chain management and business analytics

Research activities are focused on analyzing data collected from a variety of sources and decision making informed by data analysis and supported by optimization techniques, with the aim of enabling enterprises and organizations to improve their service levels and operational efficiency, in particular in the context of supply chain and logistics management.

The main areas of expertise are analytical methods of

  • uncovering business insights and predicting future situations with use of data (statistical analysis, nonparametric regression models, censored data analysis, discrete choice models, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, pattern recognition, etc.)
  • recommending decisions (operations research, mathematical modelling and optimization, stochastic programming, combinatorial optimization, integer programming, exact and heuristic solution approaches, metaheuristics, functions of binary variables, etc.).

SCM is a major field of application of such analytical methods, and these areas are frequently associated in the so-called “industrial engineering” departments of many foreign universities. At HEC Liège, they form an essential component of our “business engineering” curricula and are closely linked due to the scientific profiles of the people in place.

The research activities in these fields focus on the following application areas:

  • Supply chain and operations management: design and coordination of supply chains; design and coordination of intermodal transport networks; production planning and scheduling; vehicle routing in freight and passenger transport; inventory routing; vehicle loading in air and road transport; pricing and revenue management in transport; transport economics; network economics; statistical process control
  • Finance: portfolio optimization; stock market forecasting; operational risk management
  • Marketing: clustering customer complaints; question-answering systems.

Research Center

Research activities in the fields of SCM and BA are mostly based in the research center QuantOM (Quantitative methods and Operations Management). QuantOM is the association of several researchers under a common label to stimulate and promote research conducted at HEC Liège (or more broadly, within the ULg) in the fields of quantitative methods and of their applications in SCM and other areas of management and economics.

Last update :13/06/2016