Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

HEC Liège strives for academic excellence in management and economic studies. In particular, it aims to become a recognized player in the production and transfer of knowledge. In line with the school’s mission, academic excellence at HEC Liège is measured through the impact of its research on its national and international scientific community, on its economic and social environment, and on its undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students.

Scientific research at HEC Liège is currently conducted within the organizational unit "HEC Research". This unit includes more than 100 FTE researchers (faculty, senior and junior scientists) who are active in various fields of economics and management science. 

HEC Research has defined four strategic objectives to target excellence in research:

  • Objective 1. To deliver high-quality research results.
  • Objective 2. To develop an international reputation for the quality of its research.
  • Objective 3. To be internationally recognized for its economic and societal impact.
  • Objective 4. To train and educate qualified and productive scientists 

The unit is subdivided into "7+1" sub-units associated with strategic research themes where the school has significant experience and a critical mass of researchers, publications, teaching and corporate collaborations, namely

Since 2017, three research domains are nominated as expert fields if they have achieved significant progress at the level of the three research KPIs. This nomination intends to recognize their efforts towards excellence. The expert fields are determined every two years in the following three categories:

  • International quality research: measured through the KPI "number of A+ and A peer reviewed journals from the HEC Liege Academic Journal Guide";
  • International recognition: measured through the KPI "H-index of the team";
  • Contract-based research: measured through the KPI "staff costs of external funding.

Top three research areas 2017 (based on 2015-2016 outputs): Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics, Social Enterprise and Business Ethics, Economic Analysis and Policy.

  • Research teams aim for economic and societal recognition. In 2016, the research field "Economic Analysis and Policy" secured a large part of its research income from competitive grants awarded by major national research agencies (2 applied research grants and 8 fundamental research grants).
  • We observe an important shift in our intellectual contributions, with an increased focus on international-quality peer-reviewed research. Over 2015-2016, the field "Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics" has published 12 articles in high quality peer-reviewed journals according to the HEC Liège Academic Journal Guide.
  • With regard to the impact we have on the academic and professional community, the publications produced by our research field "Social Enterprise and Business Ethics" are widely cited by the academic community and benefit from international recognition.


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