RHEC Liege is firmly centered on its students, its alumni and its partners.  Its approach has always been the constant improvement of its quality.

This continuous investment has enabled it to obtain an international accreditation, the EPAS of the EFMD for each of its 3 main programs: the Master in Management (2011), the Master in Business Engineering (2013) and the Doctoral Program (2011). Since 2014, it has also had EQUIS eligibility.

Since 2014, it has also had  EQUIS eligibility.  

HEC Liege is also a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and has been awarded the European labels ECTS and Diploma Supplement.

These international labels represent recognition of the soundness of the procedures and processes enabling the attainment of academic excellence of the programs, of the research and all the activities of the School.

For the students, these accreditations guarantee programs with sound academic content that are in tune with market needs.  Their courses include a great deal of international experience and the professors combine teaching with expertise. 

For companies, these accreditations guarantee the quality of the graduates, who are able to take up challenges and adapt to various contexts.  They are creative and will also have learned to respect the principles of ethics and sustainable development.

For our alumni, the accreditations are a guarantee of the quality of their diploma over the long term.

For the different members of our staff, these accreditations are a source of pride and motivation.  They are also the vector of a sound reputation that can internationalize their working environment.

Last update :01/06/2016