Facts & Figures

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ll 2929 students
ll 75 foreign nationalities
ll 20% of international students, incl. incoming students at School level: 20% at Bachelor level, 31% at Master level
  and 46% in the PhD program


ll 59 Professors
ll 105 Affiliate Professors and Invited Professors
ll 105 Researchers and 11 Postdoctoral fellows
ll 76 PhD Students
ll 17% of the Faculty members have a foreign passport from 15 different countries
ll 36% of the Faculty members have obtained their degree abroad 

Partnerships with Companies

ll Academic Chairs
ll 54 Partner Companies
ll 64 Companies members of the Group for HEC
ll 303 internships, 47% of which take place abroad
ll 60 Guest Speakers/year


ll 145 Partner Universities located in 17 countries
ll 47% of our network consists of internationally accredited institutions. Among them, 10 partners hold
  the prestigious Triple Crown. 
ll 20 Double Degrees with partner institutions


ll 14.410 Alumni

Students Performance

ll 41.8% of our Bachelor students actually graduate (overall sucess rate)
ll 94.4% of our Bachelor graduates chose to register in our Master programs (retention rate)
ll 67% of our 60 ECTS Master students manage to graduate in 1 year (Average completion rate)
ll 73% of our 120 ECTS Master students manage to graduate in 2 years (Average completion rate)


ll 96% of our graduates secured employment within six months of graduating (40% before graduating)
ll One year after graduation, 78% have a permanent contract, 29% work abroad


ll AACSB 5-year accreditation for School
ll EPAS 5-year accreditation for our Master in Business Engineering and our Master in Management
ll EPAS 3-year accreditation for our doctoral program
ll EQUIS 3-year accreditation for School
ll Business School Impact System (BSIS)
ll Membership of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)
ll Successfully reviewed by the Agency for Quality (AEQES) of the Wallonia Brussels Federation (WBF)


Last update :21/06/2019