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HEC Liège is the Management School of the University of Liège (ULiège). Located at the heart of Europe and at the crossing of the major axes of the Euregio, ULiège, as a comprehensive university, is one of the major employers in and around Liège.  Its several sites generate over  5,000 direct jobs, i.e. 3,300 lecturers and researchers plus approximately 1,700 management, administrative and technical staff members who altogether meet the day-to-day needs of the institution while addressing the challenges of today's fast-evolving world.

ULiège prides itself on a genuine international dimension. The university is an active partner of a network of over 600 universities promoting the exchange of students, researchers and skills.  As one of its faculties, HEC Liège is one of the leading Belgian business schools hosting graduate and postgraduate study programmes. The School counts 105 full-time faculty members and researchers and over 2,900 students, and promotes an empowering pedagogy leading students to play a proactive part in their education. The School's international vision takes a variety of forms:  multiple research activities in management and economics, numerous partnerships with worldwide companies and universities, an OpenBordersMBA, several programmes in Asia, and growing internationalization of its programmes and faculty.  In addition to this, its Executive School's offer of international and multilingual training programmes for companies and managers, makes HEC Liège an important player on the Belgian Executive Education market. 

HEC Liège's commitment to and ongoing investment in quality improvement has been recognized through the AACSB award and the EQUIS award, delivered by EFMD, for the excellence of its programmes, Faculty, student support, research, involvement within its economic context, Alumni network (14,000 worldwide) and overall organization. To date, HEC Liège is the single full management school in Belgium (from Bachelor to PhD) holding this double accreditation. The School, as  well, is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (French).

Working at HEC Liège means being part of a University Business School with a truly European identity.  Lying at the heart of a metropolis − easily accessible by air and rail, within an hour's drive from Brussels and four from Paris, Frankfurt and London, the School shares in the ardent city's bustling economic and cultural institutions.  For being affiliated to several international research and teaching networks connecting with more than 160 partner universities, it naturally encourages its lecturers and researchers to continually  develop their expertise internationally.

The HEC Research and HEC Teaching Units facilitate the integration of new faculty recruits. Belonging to a tradition supporting academic freedom, HEC Liège offers such advantages as funding opportunities meeting researchers' own skills and interests, publication incentives and specialized teams taking charge of administrative tasks not directly related to research. In addition, the workload of junior faculty members is designed so as to enable them to build up an academic CV. 

Besides turning resolutely towards Europe and the world, HEC Liège emphasizes the human dimension of its work environment, the regional anchoring of its community service missions, the managerial relevance of its teaching and its applied research projects, let alone its fruitful inter-faculty partnerships.

HEC Liège upholds respect, tolerance, congeniality, diversity and social responsibility.  It is committed to the well-being of its members and to environmental protection.

Last but not least, HEC Liège's modern and expanding campus within a city renowned for its friendliness and hospitality makes it a great place to live and work.  Here are some of its assets:  an excellent and cost-friendly real estate market, high quality schools offering almost free education in the School's immediate vicinity, well-developed public transport, abundant sports and leisure facilities.  Not to forget Liège's excellent cultural life for being home to the Royal Opera of Wallonia, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and a variety of renowned museums, theatres etc., or its country's enviable standard of living and development.

We're hiring :

Full-time academic position in Financial Reporting and Audit (échéance : 29 Novembre 2019)

Four Ph.D. fellowships (4 years, full time) at the University of Liège are offered within the framework of the Regulatingwork project (Deadline: 15 September 2019)

Research and teaching assistant (PhD student) in quantitative methods applied to Finance (F/M) (Deadline : 20 August 2019)

HEC Liège Executive Education recrute un(e) Assistant(e) administratif(ve) (Deadline : 30 August 2019)

Le Smart City Institute recrute un(e) Chargé(e) de Recherche (Deadline : 25 August 2019)

PhD Student in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics (Deadline : 30 August 2019)

Chargé(e) de cours – Atelier de Communication en entreprise (Deadline : 26 August 2019)

Chargé(e) de cours – Droit des sociétés (Deadline : 26 August 2019)

Chargé(e) de cours – Introduction à la gouvernance d'entreprise (Deadline : 26 August 2019)

Full time research and teaching assistant (PhD level) in Corporate Finance (Deadline : 20 August 2019)

Full time research project manager (postdoctoral level) in Corporate and Market Finance (Deadline: 1st August 2019)

Chargé(e) de cours – Ethique et responsabilité sociale de l’entreprise (Deadline: 16 September 2019)

PhD student (M/F) in Operations Management and Business Analytics (Deadline: 26 June 2019)

Full time research and teaching assistant (PhD level) in Corporate Finance (Deadline : 1st July 2019)

Applications for 2 postdoctoral positions (Deadline : 30 June 2019)

PhD student (M/F) in A.I. / Data Science (Deadline: 15 June 2019)

Last update :11/09/2019