Smart City Institute


Our challenge is to promote training, research, innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of smart cities

The Smart City Institute is an academic establishment based on an original partnership between a University and its Management School (HEC Liège), Wallonia and private partners (Accenture, Belfius & Proximus).

Launched in early 2015 to build on the activities undertaken by the Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy at HEC Liège, the Institute has expanded into a permanent 7-member team entirely responsible for rethinking the cities of tomorrow in terms of the "smart city" concept, while raising the awareness of its target audience.

Housed in HEC Liège, the Institute is the first one in this field to be linked to a Management School and to consider the issue from a managerial perspective, while adopting an authentic multidisciplinary approach. A true innovation!

Definition of a "Smart City"

A Smart City is an ecosystem comprising stakeholders committed to a sustainable development strategy conducive to harnessing new technologies for the benefit of its sustainability (economic development, social welfare and environmental responsibility) aims.

The Smart City Institute's goals

Contributing to the general development of smart cities by

  • training tomorrow's managers
  • promoting research, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • facilitating sustainable value creation among the various smart ecosystem stakeholders by allowing access to multidisciplinary skills and innovative technologies.

The 3 areas the Smart City Institute is focusing on towards this end are:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation via the City VentureLab

… underpinned by a multidimensional awareness-raising and spin-offs.

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Last update :30/05/2016