The Accenture Chair in Sustainable Strategy

Titular professor

Nathalie Crutzen, PhD

Associate Professor

Director of the Smart City Institute


Sustainable Strategy


The task of the Accenture Chair is training and research, and enhancing awareness of “sustainable strategy” in a multipolar world and a context in which the concept of sustainable development is becoming indispensable.

By combining the research, knowledge and experience of Accenture Management Consulting with the research and academic know-how of HEC Liege, the Accenture Chair makes it possible:

  • to study and develop innovative learning materials, with case studies of sustainable strategies at grass-roots, thereby enriching students’ learning
  • to explain better to organizations the concept of sustainable strategy by developing cases and sharing viewpoints
  • to conduct research on the relationship between sustainable strategies and the performance of a company or an organization, e.g., a town.

Partner(s) of the Chair

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Last update :01/06/2016