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Who we are

The HEC Digital Lab is the transdisciplinary center of excellence within HEC Liège Management School, spearheading research and education in digital technologies.

The center is composed of faculty, researchers, staff and developers from various horizons and disciplines (e.g. marketing, computer science, strategy, economics, …). The advisory body of the HEC Digital Lab, called Steering Committee, gathers representatives of the Project Partner institutions and members of the Management Board of the school.

The HEC Digital Lab is supported by the Walloon Region and contributes to the Digital Wallonia strategy.


Our mission and goals

The mission of the HEC Digital Lab is to encourage exchange of views and collaboration between all stakeholders interested in digital transformation, inside and outside HEC Liège, in order to provide a better understanding of the challenges of digital transformation and to co-create the skills required by today’s digital world.

At the HEC Digital Lab, we pursue four main goals:

  • Building knowledge and solutions through applied research projects which respond to concrete challenges faced by the partners who sponsor the projects;
  • Translating our research results into high-quality education programs both at graduate and executive levels;
  • Promoting the use of learning tools and methods which leverage the latest digital technologies (i.e. New Ways Of Learning);
  • Pushing scientific knowledge around digital transformation beyond the limits of the academic community by sharing insights and research outcomes with the wide community


Join us

Visit our website (forthcoming) or send us an email at hecdigitallab@uliege.be


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