Management des entreprises sociales et durables


  • to promote greater consideration of the social, ethical and environmental aspects at the very heart of economic activity
  • to revisit the various management disciplines in relation to the great social challenges of our time
  • to promote efficient and appropriate management of social enterprises and corporate social responsibility projects (CSR)
  • to encourage the development of new social entrepreneurship projects.


Target groups

This program is intended for students

  • who wish to place their management skills at the service of projects with a high social or environmental added value
  • who want to reflect on matters of meaning and ethics
  • who are sensitive to social problems and new solutions to be applied to them in areas such as the environment, North-South relations, hunger, poverty, education, health, culture etc. 


Skills gained on completion of the specialization

  • knowledge of the environment of the development of social enterprises and economic projects with social, environmental and ethical added value;
  • mastery of managerial practices adapted to social entrepreneurship and of the tools ensuring inclusion of social and environmental concerns;
  • development of a network of contacts through meeting the main players in social entrepreneurship and social responsibility in Belgium and the rest of the world.


Diploma and specific outcomes

On completion of this specialization, students are awarded the diploma of “Master in Management Science, Specializing in Management des entreprises sociales et durables”.

Career opportunities as

  • social entrepreneur
  • social business manager
  • csh/environmental project leader
  • consultant
  • social finance and banking
  • etc.

By creating enterprises that generate social or environmental added value or by leading projects with social added value within classic enterprises, as part of corporate social responsibility approaches (CSR).

By placing their skills as managers at the service of existing social enterprises in a wide range of areas such as:

  • the “green” economy (recycling, production and distribution of energy, awareness-raising, production and commercialization of organic products),
  • social and health services (hospitals, health insurance, clinics, care of young children, services to the elderly, local services, services to people with disabilities etc.),
  • North-South relations (fair trade, micro financing, development NGOs etc.),
  • combating exclusion from the labor market (insertion or training through work, business incubators, business cooperatives), 
  • the development of alternative finance (ethical and solidarity finance),
  • culture (production, diffusion, support for artists) etc.

By contributing to the development of specific expertise for social entrepreneurship and CSR:

  • in institutions that are in contact with social enterprises (for example: the banking sector, public administration),
  • in consulting companies developing specific CSR departments, or in consultancy agencies (consultancy enterprises specialized in accompanying social enterprises),
  • on the boards of directors of social enterprises.



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