New Master in Sales Management "en alternance"
organized as a work-study programme

The first Master's degree in Belgium aimed at training new talents in the sales function!


We no longer sell today as we used to

Though sales is certainly one of the oldest professions in the world, the word "commercial" today has changed meaning. The days of the "handsome salesman" capable of selling everything are over. In less than 20 years, the role of sales professionals has changed completely and no longer resembles what it used to be.

In recent years, fierce competition, market tightening and unbridled digitizing have changed the rules of the game. More than ever, companies must adapt by imagining new ways of thinking, collaborating and doing, thus leading the sales function to question and modify sales practices.

The Master in Sales Management organized as a work-study programme aims to train the salespeople of tomorrow through periodic training enabling students to build their knowledge and develop their know-how and interpersonal skills by contextualizing the concepts and tools covered during the university curriculum while being active in companies.


Presenting the training

Designed to meet the challenges of today's companies in the face of an ever changing economic world and their specific needs in terms of skills, the new Master in Sales Management is the first course in Belgium aimed at training sales executives for high-level strategic positions such as Business Developer, Sales Director or Key Account Manager.

This university Master's degree is unique in that it is the only one entirely dedicated to the commercial professions. It is focused on the various transversal dimensions of the company related to sales, such as strategy, management control, pricing policy, the business environment, e-business, innovation, commercial law, sales force management, logistics, sales techniques and commercial negotiation rules.

This Master in Sales Management is also innovative, because its particularity is based on the alternation process for the acquisition of the knowledge and skills which are essential to master sales functions, whether in private or public, national or international, market or non-market organizations.


For whom?

This Master's degree is intended for Bachelors wishing to strengthen their knowledge and know-how in sales through a work-study university Master's degree.


Advantages of the training

Acquiring a highly coveted profile

The need to recruit new commercial talent is exponential. According to the survey of  occupations in shortage in 2018 published by Le Forem, the "commercial" profile is at the top of the list of the occupations most sought after by companies, and it is in deficit in Belgium as everywhere else.  Indeed, in a highly competitive environment marked by digitizing, companies are increasingly looking for high commercial profiles able to face the new challenges of the sector, find solutions to boost their turnover and improve their commercial margin.

Aiming for a high value-added, diversified and complete occupation

The activities of salespeople go beyond "selling" and the art of negotiation or prospecting skills.  Sales professions are various and present in all sectors of activity, from the implementation of sales strategies to the management of sales forces. The Master in Sales Management is an excellent stepping stone to a responsible job in the sales function. In addition, students will acquire the necessary skills to join a management committee, also in multinational companies.

Having real professional experience

The work-study programme, a key element of this Master's degree, allows students to get involved in a large-scale project while being remunerated by the host company. They will thus acquire solid professional experience that will be appreciated by recruiters and valued during their hiring process.

Opening doors to international markets

In a globalized environment, mastering foreign languages, besides a perfect command of English and a knowledge of the cultural codes (anthropological and psychological aspects) of negotiation, is no longer considered by companies as a "best to have" but as a "must have".


The pedagogy

The pedagogical philosophy of the Master in Sales Management is based on the work-study in alternation process, and is inspired by the "Learning by Doing" approach, in which students take a proactive role in their training by learning through experience.

Aware of the expectations of the Z generation in terms of innovative teaching, HEC Liège offers a 100% project-based interactive and immersive pedagogy; this relies on seminars, simulations (learning by projects) and practical exercises that can be reinvested directly in real work situations.

The pedagogy takes into account companies' expectations; it is based on case studies as well as on real projects supervised by a teacher who is an expert in the field concerned.


Work Opportunities

There are wide work opportunities in all sectors, with prospective promotion to management positions.

Thanks to the acquisition of solid field experience, this Master's degree enables students to position themselves very favourably on the job market and to obtain a job with high added value.

The Master in Sales Management fully equips them and makes them readily operational to access a wide range of jobs, namely as:

  • Sales Manager,
  • Key Account Manager,
  • Business Developer,
  • Director of customer relations,
  • E-commerce manager,
  • Import-export manager,
  • Business Area Manager

They will be able to work in the retail and commercial sectors as well as in industry, aeronautics, IT, banking and insurance, large groups or SMEs, startups, tourism, fashion, pharmacy, the medical sector etc.


What are the prospects for development?

Once promoted seniors, graduates can become business development directors, sales directors or even general managers.  

The Master offers the opportunity:

  • to fill a managerial, commercial and strategic function
  • to have important responsibilities
  • to have real autonomy in the exercise of one's function
  • to have concrete prospects for progress in the long term.


Contact : 

Sandrine WOUTERS
Program Coordinator
04 232 74 19

Last update :08/04/2019