Management of Transitional Organizational Systems (MOST)

2 Master's degrees in 3 years


HEC Liège and the Faculty of Social Sciences are offering a transdisciplinary programme aimed at Bachelors in Management Sciences and Bachelors in Human and Social Sciences as of the 2019-2020 academic year.

The business world is subject to increasingly rapid innovation and transition processes. Society is changing in four areas in particular: digitalization and globalization, ethical and responsible governance, new forms of work organization and the labour market.

The market is looking for graduates capable of managing these transitions and meeting the challenges of social dialogue with soft skills making them more agile in articulating the different dimensions of management in a context of rapid change, and aware of ethical and responsible governance.

Students engaged in this training will obtain two degrees in 3 years: a Master in Management Sciences and a Master in Human Resources Management.  Beyond the specific and specialized skills of each of these course programmes, they will have a transversal vision of these fields. As leaders-facilitators-coaches, they will be able to:

  • Analyze transitions in their local and global context
  • Drive strategic changes on this basis
  • Articulate the human and social aspects with the different components of organizational management.
  • Reflectively assess the changes made and governance


Admission requirements

Any student holding a Bachelor's degree in economics and management OR a Bachelor's degree in human resources and social sciences, option human resources management, may submit an application (available on the websites of both faculties from mid-March) for admission to this programme.

The MOST programme is accessible to students who have successfully completed their Bachelor's cycle in a maximum of 4 years and have reached a sufficient level in the courses of the other faculty, e.g.:

FOR THE BACHELOR IN ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES: an average of 12/20 for all courses in the field of human and social sciences (Analysis of organizations, Introduction to the human sciences, Political science and globalization, Strategic human resources management)

FOR THE BACHELOR IN HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES: an average of 12/20 for all courses in the field of management (Social Law, Descriptive Statistics, General Accounting, Elements of probability calculation applied to the social sciences, Strategic Human Resources Management).  


Work Opportunities

This specialization will enable you to work:

  • in strategic functions related to the management of organizational transformations;
  • as a senior manager in all support and operational functions;
  • as a consultant or organizational intervener;
  • as an expert in a study or research centre in both the public and private spheres.


Application forms

Application closed for the Academic Year. Next opening in March 2020.



Project Officer
Christine PUIT
04 232 72 58


Programme Director - HEC Liège
M. François Pichault, Professor


Programme Director – Faculty of Social Sciences
M. Christophe Dubois, Lecturer


Last update :22/09/2019