10 reasons to choose HEC Liège

10 reasons to choose HEC Liège
Management School of the University of Liège



HEC Liège does the utmost to help you succeed:

  • Welcome and refresher sessions in August (preparatory courses)
  • Virtual Campus: LoL@
  • Self-training means
  • Personal appointments with qualified assistants
  • Remedies
  • Bimonthly evaluation organized on different predefined subjects to identify possible difficulties
  • Exam debriefing sessions

These measures are in addition to those offered to all students at the University of Liège.



All HEC Liège graduates are proficient in at least two foreign languages at the end of their academic career:

  • English: intensive course in business English in the Bachelor's degree programme (7 credits (3h/week)). In the Master's programme, english is no longer taught but the majority of courses are given in English.
  • a second foreign language from Bac 1 to Master 2.  

Master students can also add a 3rd language (German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Dutch).


Find out more about the importance of languages at HEC Liège



An original pedagogical structure enhancing the acquisition and validation of various practical skills, the "Ateliers de Compétences de HEC Liège" (HEC Liège Skills Workshops) are unique in French-speaking Belgium. They offer you a wide variety of transdisciplinary workshops allowing you to:

  • develop soft skills: communication, negotiation, leadership, etc.
  • build a professional project
  • customize your training
  • acquire operational skills

From block 2 of the bachelor's degree onwards, you will develop your managerial skills, your entrepreneurial spirit, your critical thinking and your professional project.



Lying close to the major European cities of Brussels, Paris, London and Frankfurt, at the crossroads of Latin and Germanic cultures and at the heart of a cross-border economic region between Flanders, Germany and the Netherlands, HEC Liège experiences internationality on a daily basis.


  • An international and congenial environment: 75 different nationalities
  • The possibility of a one-semester study stay in Europe (Erasmus, Erasmus/Belgica) or outside Europe, or a double degree with a German university
  • An experience of the export world through a Field Trip
  • The courses address internationality in a transversal way
  • Skills workshops focused on this theme: having the internationality bug, How to reach an International position, etc.


  • Most tuition is in English
  • 35% international students
  • International academics and experts, international lectures
  • Possibility of a one-semester study stay: Erasmus, Erasmus/Belgica, or stay outside Europe
  • Possibility of a double degree (in English, German, Italian/English, French/English, Dutch/English...)
  • Opportunity of a mid-course summer school
  • Possibility of an internship in a company abroad



Joining HEC Liège also means joining a community of students committed to the  School's life :

  • A Students' Association: in charge of representing students within the various management bodies of the School.
  • Collective interest organizations (Organismes d'Intérêt Collectif (OIC)): genuine mini-companies allowing students to participate actively in different sectors of the school's life (cafeteria, reception of Erasmus students, international cooperation, course materials  management, sports and travel, etc.).
  • Junior Companies related to the subjects taught: HEC Consulting Group (Human Resources - Marketing), HEC Investing Group (Finance), HEC Advisory (Finance)



There is ongoing involvement of people from outside HEC Liège in research and teaching activities, thereby sharing their expertise within the courses themselves. In addition, the internship and the project thesis provide direct and concrete anchoring in the professional world.


  • 2nd quarter of master block 2
  • Relating to the chosen orientation
  • In a Belgian or foreign company
  • 10 weeks minimum


  • Choice offered between a research thesis or a project thesis
  • The project thesis is based on the analysis of a complex management problem that arises in a company or organization and is related to the chosen orientation.

Diagnosis > Detailed analysis > Identification and possible implementation of solutions

  • One day per week during the 1st semester
  • Full-time attendance during the 2nd semester



A wide range of career opportunities are available to HEC Liège graduates.

95% of our graduates find a job within 6 months of completing their studies (48% even before graduation).

One year after graduating from HEC Liège, 95% of our young alumni/ae are employed under permanent contracts and 38% of them work abroad



HEC Liège helps you define your career path right from the start of your study curriculum!

At bachelor's level, you will benefit from individual coaching and are supported in your choices (possible reorientation, choice of the master's degree and specialism, etc.).

At master's level, you will get help to

  • find out about the professions and sectors of activity
  • define your professional preferences
  • write a CV and a cover letter
  • get through selection interviews
  • get an internship and a job



The ties forged between students last beyond their study years and across borders.

They are a real asset for all graduates.

Support for students > A close-knit network > A presence in many countries > Prestigious events.

Find out more about the HEC Liège Alumni/ae network, its activities and how it works.



If critical thinking, social responsibility, respect for diversity, ethics, personal development, creativity, entrepreneurship and multiculturalism are already part and parcel of your values, HEC Liège will enable you to give them a boost.

Ethics, responsibility and sustainable development have been at the heart of our teaching, research and service to our community for many years.

At HEC Liège, you will avail yourself of numerous activities offering you an approach - whether transversal or targeted - preparing you to better respond to societal challenges.

Among the existing initiatives, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Courses and lectures offered at all educational levels
  • Specific workshops, in small groups, to develop your skills (soft skills) and allow you to stand out by customizing your career path.
  • Possibilities for specialized programmes at master's level
  • Training and coaching by experts in the field (see, for example, our research centres and chairs: CES, LENTIC, the Smart City Institute)

Societal transformation is indeed one of the transversal axes of HEC Liège's strategy. It is active on three fronts: digital transformation (HEC Liège Digital Lab), entrepreneurship (HEC Liège Venture Lab) and ethics, responsibility and sustainability. Concerning the latter, the newly created Sustain'LABility aims to be a driver for change, federating existing approaches and creating new synergies with our stakeholders, including our students naturally.

Finally, it is within the various student movements that you will have the opportunity to express yourself and get involved by engaging your feelings for responsibility, for example by joining a group such as HEC students for climate or by actively participating in the transition of existing services to more sustainable activities.