Data Science Liège

Data Science Liège - MEETUP #1

Thursday 8th February 2018, as of 6:30pm

HEC Liège, Rue Louvrex, 14. Liège – Auditorium 50



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In recent years, significant attention has been paid to Data Science. Today, in and around Liège, many well-established companies as well as young start-ups are directly involved in various data science-related projects, while almost all others are indirectly affected by the data revolution.

At the same time, HEC Liège and Liège University are spearheading cutting-edge R&D in vast array of data-science topics, such as machine learning, NLP and AI in general. New master programs in Digital Business and Data Science have also been launched.

However, to date, the various data science initiatives and projects in the regions are conducted in silos, dispersed and disconnected from each other. Players lack a common platform to meet and exchange ideas and best practices about their data science initiatives and to showcase their latest results. The Liege data science community, Data Science Liège, was launched by some regional players in order to alleviate this gap.

The mission of Data Science Liège is to foster collaboration and networking among the various stakeholders involved in data science projects in the Liège region. The community aims at offering a forum, upon which participants can leverage to federate data science initiatives, showcase projects and ideas, call for support and partnerships, disseminate knowledge, stimulate public awareness, and many more!

One of the first concrete initiatives we would like to launch are “meetups”, which are recurrent informal sessions, free of charge, open to all, where data scientists can exchange and present their ideas to peers and other people interested. The community belongs to all and we welcome participants from the corporate world, research community, governmental/parastatal bodies as well as non-profit organizations.


Call for contributions (FR/EN)

For its inaugural event, Data Science Liège is looking for participants to present and showcase their past or ongoing data science projects. For this first session, we will not restrict the scope to a particular area. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, AI applications, Business Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, RPA, Data Warehousing, cyber-security and data protection, … Case-studies, success stories, application demos are welcomed!

Depending on the amount and diversity of proposals we will receive, we will design the program of this first session to make it as interesting and attractive as possible.

Send us your subject proposition (in French or in English) or simply register yourself at before the 15th January. There is no particular template. You just have to mention the title of your presentation as well as a brief description of the topic/project you want to showcase.



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