Benefits for OpenBordersMBA participants

  • Bringing you to the skills level of top leaders while working on your company’s projects
  • Expanding your networks, benefitting from the coaching of experts, bringing new insights into your work and role in the company
  • Offering you an in-depth understanding of the international market and the global outlook underlying long term decisions
  • Providing you with new insights into multicultural markets
  • Giving you the benefit of  extensive and rapid knowledge transfer thanks to real-life case studies shared by experts
  • Enabling you to keep up or improve your foreign language skills
  • Enabling you to share and benefit from each other’s work experience


Benefits for sponsoring companies

From the company point of view, this program provides an opportunity to train their managers to the skills levels of top leaders while working on the company’s projects.


  • Keeping best talent on board: by supporting their best talent in their quest for an advanced degree, companies build loyalty and give them another reason to stay with them.
  • Bringing best practices and new ideas to the organization:  by involving their company, participants share skills and ideas at all company levels in an ongoing learning process. On completion of each module, OpenBordersMBA participants take home not just theory but hands-on experience – new skills and perspectives that they can apply before even completing the program.
  • Reaping immediate benefits from company-related projects: in addition to developing their skills, participants have to complete a project paper which will both be of great value to their company.  The infrastructure and expertise available through the program as part of the project paper will genuinely benefit the company.  
  • Maximizing learning impact by integrating work and study: Required readings and papers give participants new insights into multicultural markets. Real-life case studies shared by experts guide them to rapid knowledge transfer.
  • Choose timing that works for the business OBMBA weekend schedules allow participants to gain knowledge and strategic skills as they go along.
  • Expanding network and improving language skills: participating candidates welcome the chance of keeping up or improving their language skills and are willing to share and benefit from each other’s work experience.

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Last update :28/11/2019