A multilingual program

OpenBordersMBA : A multilingual Program

The international and multicultural scope of the Executive MBA program is reflected in each component of the program:

  • The international and cross-border coordination between HEC Liège, UHasselt and FH Aachen providing their respective resources, know-how and networks to enable participants to benefit from this cutting edge training
  • The support of the German-Speaking Community of Belgium which hosts the OpenBordersMBA in the central part of Euregio
  • The content in itself that offers a focus on international management and a multicultural approach to business
  • The international faculty and experts provided by each partner
  • The participants themselves, coming from European and international companies with various cultural backgrounds and various native languages
  • The languages the courses are taught in.

The multilingual aspect is one of the features and assets of the OpenBordersMBA program.

Participants must be communicative, social and fluent in English. Having knowledge in German, Dutch or French can be used during the training.

  • The MBA Foundation Module is common to the options of the HEC Master in Management and is entirely in French
  • The first module is entirely in English
  • In the second and third modules, seminars are delivered in English but could be organized bilingually (+FR/+DU/+GE) depending on the language skills of the group and their wish to refresh or improve their current skills.

If participants want to improve their own language skills, we may also offer some optional language training thanks to a partnership with the CERAN.

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Last update :28/11/2019