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This OpenBordersMBA turned out to be a defining moment in my career, even more so than I expected.
When I enrolled for it, I was mainly looking for an opportunity to learn new hard skills like strategy, finance, legal aspects, in order to gain a broader perspective of business. That expectation was fully met, and even surpassed thanks to the inclusion of state-of-the-art approaches to the crucial soft skills that are change management, self-management, people management, etc. Today more than ever, people - and "people skills" - are the heart of the company and fundamental to its success. The OBMBA program addresses this perfectly.
And the icing on the cake was of course the great group of professionals, fellow students and teachers that made all this such a memorable experience!

Cyril Heck
Cohort 3
Sales & Marketing Manager at Scia - Belgium

 I was interested in following an EMBA program because I wanted to acquire more general business knowledge in order to better align the Human Resources policies and practices to the business needs of VINCI. I am a member of the management committee and I think that at this level you need to be more than just an expert in human resources. You also need to be capable of envisaging things from a transversal angle.

Eddy Vandersmissen
Cohort 3
Director of the Academy VINCI Energies - France



I intend to continue in this leading role in Eloy Water for the coming years. Therefore, I think it would be appropriate for me to consolidate my actual skills with the academic foundations of management. I am now convinced that the OpenBordersMBA program is adequate to achieve this goal.

Julien Hans
Cohort 3
Sales & Marketing Director of Eloy Water - Belgium




This program also helped me to discover myself, better know my limits and taught me to work under pressure and brought me outside of my comfort zone … The program has already brought me more than a network, it has brought me great friendships coming from different cultural environments and has enriched my life!”

Stéphane Yansenne
Cohort 3
Chief Operations Officer of LGM GmbH - Germany

“I enrolled on The OpenBordersMBA in order to gain knowledge in economics to complement my technical qualifications; qualify for positions other than in technical engineering; develop my academic training while pursuing professional work. The OpenBordersMBA offers the opportunity to develop my career while taking up new challenges in the company I am with. I enjoy cooperating with students and lecturers of varied and multicultural backgrounds and look upon this as a great opportunity to get to know many strong companies within the international environment of the Euregio.”

Frank Conrads
Cohort 1
Head of Project Management at DS Smith Recycling Deutschland GmbH - Germany

“As a Senior Solutions Consultant for the outsourcing of operations, I have had to deal with several aspects of transition and transformation, e.g. legal and financial aspects, human resources, operations, organization etc. As a chance to expand my knowledge in these areas, I find the OpenBordersMBA program a best-fit. The opportunity to use and improve my language skills and the program’s attractive environment also played an important role in my decision to join. The program teaches me what drives large companies and enables me to improve the outsourcing solutions we offer them.

Steven Van Hellemont
Cohort 1
Senior Solution Consultant at NOKIA SIEMENS Network

“In an ever more complex environment, companies of all sizes are looking for creative partners, sharp-minded and cutting-edge advisors capable of effective and responsible decision-making. Launching an MBA fostering international exchange and multilingualism is further evidence of the institution’s ability to adapt and meet the new challenges set for business management.  We, the business and academic world, keep side by side in this pursuit of excellence and openness to diversity and ardently support this new initiative”.

Bernard JOUAN
Retail & Private Banking Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis

“At work, using foreign languages has become my daily reality: writing a business plan in English, taking part in roadshows in Dutch in Amsterdam or Brussels, negotiating business agreements with our Düsseldorf-based affiliate company, and using French in the office. As it trains key language skills and develops knowledge of business realities from Paris to Berlin and from Amsterdam to Luxembourg, this new Euregio MBA is a real opportunity for future generations. The program meets all their needs for becoming successful and multicultural leaders. As the cornerstone of Europe, Euregio today is definitely one of the strongest economic hubs in the world”.

Jacques Galloy

HEC Liège Alumni

Director & CEO at EVS Broadcast Equipment - Belgium 

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to take part to the OBMBA course program. As an insurance broker, it gives me a better understanding of the core concerns of my business partners, most of whom are chief executive officers. I now feel much better equipped to understand their priorities and prepare a better operational plan for them.  Being a genuine business partner for my clients naturally also benefits my company.

Fabienne Mathonet
Cohort 1
Account Manager at Gras Savoye - Belgium

How could a new MBA carve its path in a saturated market? I have taken notice of the intelligence of the program’s positioning at the geographical (internationalization naturally comes from the cross-border, cultural and linguistic exchanges that the program produces), philosophical (it is above all a training program, and the degree is only the consequence) as well as functional (the structure articulates around competencies that are genuinely useful to the managers within their environment) levels. Taking part in the development of one’s Alma Mater MBA, what a challenge!

Georges Hübner
Deloitte Chair of Portfolio Management and Performance
HEC Management School - University of Liège
Professor OpenBordersMBA

Last update :28/11/2019