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Heidberg Kloster

The OpenBordersMBA seminars will all take place at the Kloster Heidberg in Eupen, the geographical center and capital of the Euregio.

This recently restored 18th century convent offers all the accommodation for the OpenBorders MBA, in a professional and residential setting.


Heidberg Kloster
Bahnhofstraße 4
4700 Eupen – Belgium

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Teambuilding Session – Cohort 5 (January 20th, 2017)

Before the launching of their first seminar of “International Public Affairs and CSR”, our brand new cohort got to know each other on January 20th, 2017. Their first day in our executive MBA has been spent between Liège and Eupen. The challenge of the “get out room” has been followed by an improvisation workshop and a drink at the Kloster bar together with the Cohort 4, starting their 3rd and last module in the OpenBordersMBA.

No doubt, this launching announces a promising experience for the fifth cohort!


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Graduation Ceremony - Cohort 3 (September 24th, 2016)

On September 24th, the graduation ceremony of OpenBordersMBA students took place in UHasselt in attendance of the three Program Directors : Wilfried Niessen (HEC Liège), Piet Pauwels (UHasselt) and Markus Fredebeul-Krein (FH Aachen). Ingrid Lieten, as the former Director-General of public transport company De Lijn, former Vice Minister-President for the Flemish Government (minister of Innovation and Media) and now General Manager of LifeTechValley, a network of companies, healthcare organizations, research institutions, policy makers and seniors with the goal to boost innovations in healthy aging, was the guest speaker of the evening. The third cohort of the OpenBordersMBA received due honors for the successful completion of their program. Congratulations to all of them !


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Business Game session - Cohort 3 (March 18th-20th, 2016)

All OpenBordersMBA Alumni know the business game marks the end of the program. Our third cohort ended its third MBA module with the Academic Director of the program, Wilfried Niessen and his expert, Maurice Olivier, in March 2016. The experience lived up to its reputation this year: intense and rewarding.

Congratulations to all of you!


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TeamBuilding Session - Cohort 4 (February 5th, 2016)

This February 5th, 2016 was the launching of your new cohort (4)! That event was also the perfect opportunity for us to discover them a bit more and launch the festivities of their 14 upcoming seminars. We thank them for their enjoyable and dynamic participation during this Team Building Event and wish them a program full of discoveries, inspiring human and learning experiences, personal growth. 


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Graduation Ceremony - Cohort 2 (September 12th, 2015)

At the start of the new academic year,  we organized the graduation ceremony on September 12th in the chapel of the Kloster Heidberg in Eupen. This festive atmosphere was the occasion to share a moment together and celebrate the success of our first, second and third cohort in the OpenBordersMBA program. For the occasion, we invited a guest speaker, Patrick Slechten, CEO at Teconex who joined us for a celebration drink in the presence of the academic directors of the program, professors, experts and coordinators from Hasselt, Aachen and HEC. This networking event was also the occasion for Cohort 1 participants to go on stage and share with us the benefits the program has had on their own careers.


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OpenBordersMBA Launch Event (January 26th, 2011)

The OpenBordersMBA launch press conference, on the 26th of January 2011 in Eupen.

With the participation of:

Karl-Heinz LAMBERTZ (German-speaking Community Minister-President), Bernard Rentier (HEC-ULg Rector), Thomas Froehlicher (HEC-ULg Director), Axel NOEL (Liège Euregio Meuse-Rhin), Maurice OLIVIER (Blue Ocean Ventures), Philippe FELTEN (BEA) and Jacques GALLOY (EVS).


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