To be eligible for our OpenBordersMBA Program, applicants have to fill four requirements:

  1. Hold an executive position
  2. Have at least three years’ work experience in a management position (project or people management)
  3. Hold a Master’s degree from a recognized university, an approved institution or equivalent (bachelor + 5 years working experience)
  4. Be fluent in English.

A working knowledge of Dutch, French or German is required in the second year of the OpenBordersMBA.

The OpenBordersMBA admission committee reserves the right to retain applicants who may not fill all these requirements yet prove exceptional experience, skills and motivation.



Candidates will be accepted and enrolled into the OpenBordersMBA program on condition that:

  1. They have submitted an application file including the following documents:
    • The completed application form downloaded from the OBMBA website
    • A sponsor’s recommendation
    • Copies of their official university transcripts and diplomas (with a translation if necessary)
    • A copy of their ID-Card
  2. The Admission Committee has reviewed their application file and invited them to an interview for further evaluation.
  3. They have received an official letter of acceptance.
  4. They have paid the application fee before Sept. 1 of Year 1.



Full Program (OBMBA Foundation Module + 3 MBA modules):  September 30th

Application files are to be returned to

Upon receipt and review of the documents, the OpenBordersMBA admission staff will schedule interviews with the eligible candidates.


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Last update :28/11/2019