Relational and managerial skills (Bac)


Relational and managerial skills development: these workshops cover communication and interaction skills, such as public presentations, negotiations, sales techniques or teamwork, more methodological skills such as stress management or working methods, or skills related to the use of certain IT tools, such as SAP.

Presentation of the various workshops of this pillar:

Ensuring the Online Promotion of a Commercial Offer (COCL)

Language: french
Pilot - Teachers: Damien Jacob and Loïc Van Hove
Note :Registered students are to read the course textbook before the first session.

The Internet has become a major communication channel for companies and institutions. These must actively control this channel to get known, but also to manage their brand image. Specialists in this field are increasingly in demand in the market.

This workshop will teach you how to determine the most appropriate solutions to promote a company's products/services on the Internet, on the basis of the specificities of supply and demand.

The main solutions to be examined will be the optimization of natural referencing, sponsored referencing, e-mailings, affiliation, sponsorship by influencers, as well as animation and advertising on social networks. 

This workshop will have the particularity of putting you in a quasi professional situation: the practical exercise will be carried out on a real case study. You will be asked to work in a team as "junior consultants" for the "client" who, at the end of the workshop, will attend the presentation of your recommendations.

Communicating Your Image Effectively via Social Networks (COMN)

Language :french
Teacher - Pilot: Lucas Beguin 
Note : have a Facebook & Linkedin profile & Linkedin

Catch attention of recruiters through social networks in 30 seconds. This is the number of seconds a recruiter spends on your resume : 30 little seconds.

How to stand out and get noticed in 30 seconds? One solution: social networks

Social networks are now essential communication channels that many companies use to hire their new talents.

How to make your image on social networks a strong asset? How to intelligently attract the attention of potential recruiters? How to put in place effective content strategies to make a difference ?

At the end of this hands-on workshop, you will be able to :

  • Understand the context of the most used social networks
  • Use LinkedIn professionally and effectively  
  • Establish a Social Media Marketing Strategy (SMM)
  • Master the basics of Personal Branding

«  We No Longer Go Online, We Live Online ».

Writing to Be Read and Understood... That's It! (ECRP)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: Liliane Fanello
Note : No prerequisites required

Are you the type of person who writes 10 pages when asked for two and a half? ?
Or to beat around the bush to the point of losing the essentials along the way? ?  
Or to repeat the same idea 5 times to be sure that you have been understood? If so, this workshop is for you!

Practical and concrete, it will provide you with the basic rules to attract attention and get your written messages across in a minimum of time.

Thanks to various simple and effective techniques along with many exercises, you will be able to unlock your ideas and free your writing.  

Objectives :

  • To identify why some professional writings are simply not read
  • To learn to write a message that will be read and understood
  • To learn to adapt your writing to the audience and the purpose for which it is intended
  • To learn the "tricks" that make reading easier and increase the impact of writing
  • To experiment with more creative ways of writing different professional materials (commercial mailing, project presentation, self-presentation, brochure, report...)
  • To gain confidence in your creative writing potential

Group Work : Collaborating, Deciding and Getting Organized Together (EQUI)

Language: french
Teacher-Pilot: Simon Tonon
Note : No prerequisites.

Group work is a reality that we all know from our studies, professional or personal experience. Despite this, we still have difficulty in functioning effectively with others: difficult decisions, unequal role distribution, conflicts of interest or values, difficulty in solving a complex problem... We may be aware that we do not function within a group as we do when alone, but how does this impact task performance?

This workshop aims to provide keys to better understand group dynamics and to be able to act more effectively as well as more comfortably.

Starting from real-life situations and practical exercises, participants will be led through the various processes and phenomena that underlie the functioning of a group. Different issues will be addressed in fun and transversal ways, such as :

  • Communication
  • Influence and leadership
  • The norms and culture of a group
  • Facilitation and regulation

While no prior knowledge is required, participants will be expected to have a proactive approach to their learning.

Never lack a sense of repartee again! (ESPR)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: Geneviève Smal
Note : No prerequisites.

Do you ever get speechless? Find the right line an hour later? Regret not having THE right answer?

Repartee can be learned. Discover how to easily acquire repartee techniques. Learn how to make an apt reply on the spot and get the knack of saying the right thing or hit the nail on the head with humour.

You will also understand how to keep a cool head in all circumstances, sharpen your verbal intelligence and get yourself out of the most delicate situations con brio.

On the menu

The pillars of repartee

  • Self-confidence
  • Creativity and verbal fluency
  • Quick analysis of the situation
  • Managing emotions
  • Tips and tricks to show your wit


  • Self-deprecation
  • Cleverly evading a question
  • Insolence
  • Humour
  • Verbal table tennis using the TAKATTAK card game.

Objective: To always come back at someone quick as a flash.

Whether you remain mute like a carp in front of a poisoned arrow coming out of your boss', colleague's or old aunt's mouth or simply want to improve your verbal skills, this seminar is for you!

How to Better Communicate with the Press? (INIM)

Language: french
Techar - Pilote: Isabelle Digneff
Note : no pre-requisites.

How to communicate effectively with the media? This is many entrepreneurs' question.

This workshop will enable you to get a better understanding of journalists' expectations, decode their languages and respond in the most effective way possible. Managing a company, creating jobs and growing the economy are nothing if these actions do not resonate with the general public. Good communication operations always have positive consequences for a company.

On the contrary, poorly managed communication can be catastrophic. This workshop will teach you to respond effectively to a written press / radio or TV interview, and to avoid classic mistakes in such situations.

You will be introduced to real-world tests with microphones. Journalists or communicators will come to explain their profession and especially their expectations. An editorial visit is also possible.

Management of Employee Motivation thanks to Edutainment (LUDO)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: Bastien Wauthoz
Note : no prerequisites

Fancy having your team dragging their feet all day long? Being a hated manager? Along with professional projects accumulating delays and failures? If so, DON'T sign up for this workshop!

This workshop will teach you:

  • Why a game is a powerful management tool
  • How to definitively motivate your employees
  • Some common play techniques in edutainment
  • How to move from productivity indicators to playful techniques
  • How to find the balance between play and seriousness
  • How to adapt existing games into edutainment techniques
  • How to use e-management to achieve your professional objectives

The workshop includes theoretical phases, collective or group workshops and game phases. If you don't believe that it is possible to be serious and productive while having fun, please leave your gloom behind. Or, just don't sign up and go and play the "serious" student in other workshops. Be warned: this workshop seriously damages your ill-being and that of your future contributors.

Shaping Your own Working Method (ORGT)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: Audrey Levêque
Note : no pre-requisites.

Fancy improving your working method? Being more efficient in managing your studies, even your daily life? Welcome to this workshop! The module wants to get you to improve your working method while respecting your idosyncracies. This workshop will help you take stock of your functioning in order to see how to improve it thanks to a series of tools: study method, time and stress management. You will be able to test them and see which YOU need TODAY.

So, the main idea is to give you a chance to experiment, develop awareness and find specific ways of improvement thanks to the different tools proposed.

We will set out from individual reflection on personal methodology with the view of improving it. You will get able to take responsibility for yourself, be aware of your functioning and your environment (particularly in terms of time). You will also get to distinguish the essential from the non essential and the important from the less important, and getting organized accordingly.

Understanding and Managing stress - Neuroscience Coming to the Rescue! (SGRS)

Language : french
Teacher - Pilot: Martine Rensonnet
Note : no prerequisites

Would you hire a mechanic with no idea about car engines? Never!

How about a manager with no interest in how the brain works?

Here is a workshop to discover the brain mechanisms at work in situations of managerial stress.

I, you, we ... are under stress ... A fatality? It is urgent to learn to control our stress... before it controls us!

Come and try out stress management techniques from neuroscience. Understanding how the brain works can provide concrete and effective tools to better cope with and react to stress, ours as well as others'.

On the workshop menu:

  • To understand the brain mechanisms governing our stress states.
  • To get to know, develop and test customized and adapted stress management tools.
  • To recognize the symptoms of stress states in yourself and your interlocutor.
  • To develop relational stress management as a basis for intelligent and effective communication and leadership strategies.

Making Effective (or 'Impressive') Presentations (TECP)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: David Homburg 
Note : no prerequisites.

Ever felt uncomfortable at the start of an oral presentation?

Stage fright, fear of a memory lapse, fear of the question that kills, fear of not being up to the task, these anxieties are all part and parcel of most public interventions. And rightly so, for justified they are. Any presenter knows that they will be judged and put themselves at risk. Such stress would be nothing if it didn't show so much: sweaty hands, parasitic gestures, an inability to concentrate...

The purpose of this workshop is to enable participants to overcome these apprehensions by becoming aware that if judged they will be, they have everything in hand to ensure a positive impression. Gestures, voice, supports of all types, rhythm and structure, breaking effects and humour can be at their command.

To encourage participants to stop "undergoing" their position as speakers and become actors in their presentation, this training aims to give them confidence in their mastery of the various key elements of their staging. To this purpose, the workshop has two sections that are constantly interacting:

One section addresses the "staging" element of the presentation; it focuses on language, verbal, and non-verbal, in order to raise awareness - and take advantage - of the messages delivered by the speaker's body. The structure of the presentation, the disruptive effects, the interaction between several speakers and space management also belong to this part of the workshop.This section is given by people who are used to oral presentations, and have solid experience in theatre and stage performance.

Cette partie est dispensée par des habitués de la présentation orale, ayant une expérience solide dans le domaine du théâtre et du jeu de scène.

The other section of the workshop is devoted to the effective use of supports. Rather than about learning how to use slideshow creation software, it introduces the many and diverse media and their proper use: i.e. how they can clarify elements and information inputs without causing confusion, loss of attention, or vain effort. Balancing these aspects is the point of this section; it is presented by a pedagogue, hence also a daily speaker, and one whose computer expertise will get participans over the difficulty of creating media.

Theatrical Techniques for Managers (TECT)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: Audrey Levêque
Note : no pre requisites, please wear casual and ample dress allowing for free movement (sports pants, sneakers).

If you agree that it is important for a future manager to develop communication skills (voice, body, presence, etc.), staging, message transmission, etc., you're welcome to join us!

Over the two full days of this workshop, you will be invited to take part in exercises, which, used in theatre acting, are directly relevant to managing practice. Through these you will be working on self-awareness: voice, posture, non-verbal language, etc. as well as on your interaction with others (team). Improvisation exercise will enhance your nerve and creativity, your sense of repartee, your imagination and listening, i.e. managing yourself, your relationships and space, which are all essential skills in a manager's professional life!

Réussir un entretien de vente (TECV)

Language: french
Teacher- Pilot : Pierre-Henri Perelaer
Note : no prerequisites.

Pourquoi s’intéresser à la vente ?

  • Parce que pouvoir convaincre l’autre (son client, mais aussi son manager ou un collègue) est une qualité indispensable en entreprise.
  • Parce que de nombreux diplômés HEC Liège commencent leur carrière par une fonction de nature commerciale à la sortie de leurs études.

NB : il n’est pas nécessaire de vouloir faire carrière dans la vente pour suivre ce séminaire !

Le contenu s’adresse à tout le monde !  

Quels objectifs ?

  • Pour tous ceux qui veulent renforcer leur capacité à convaincre : développer leur capacité à argumenter et à contrer les objections, grâce aux mises en situation et aux techniques
  • Pour ceux qui souhaitent évoluer plus tard dans la vente ou le marketing, se faire une véritable idée de qu’est la vente, pratiquer et se tester sans risques.  

Les points forts 

  • Des explications claires sur des techniques utilisées par les professionnels
  • Des mises en situation, pour passer de la théorie à la pratique
  • Beaucoup d’exercices en duos, pour s’entraîner  

Le programme (résumé)

  • découvrir les besoins de son client et créer un intérêt
  • développer une argumentation pertinente sur base des besoins et intérêts
  • faire face aux objections avec souplesse
  • négocier le prix et conclure

Creating, Feeding and Promoting your Blog/Vlog through its Written and Video Content (VLOG)

Language: french
Teacher - Pilot: Isabelle Digneff
Note : no prerequisites. Students need a laptop computer – they will be sent a programme to be downloaded a few days before the start of the course.

On the web, blogs and Youtubers are more and more present!

Can we still do business without having his website or his blog? Difficult!

To exist in the world of entrepreneurship, you have to be on the web: visibility goes through social networks, blogs and vlogs thanks to platforms like YouTube, dailymotion, etc. Blogging is therefore an indispensable marketing tool to be known on the internet, to communicate with its customers, to disseminate information to its partners and collaborators,...

This training teaches you to independently create and manage a wordpress blog and to install a video made by the student. Master all the keys to create and animate your professional blog. No special programming language skills required! The techniques and language of youtubers will also be analyzed.

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