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The Strategic Marketing Innovation research field would like to share with you some of the highlights of the past 3 months.


New paper related to the digital transformation transversal theme

Prof. Willem Standaert and his co-authors E. Mazuroza & E. Penttinen (Aalto University) and F. Ter Chian Tan (UNSW Business School, Sydney, Australia) have recently published in “Information System Frontiers” a paper entitled Paradoxical Tensions Related to AI-Powered Evaluation Systems in Competitive Sports. This exciting paper examines how artificial intelligence (AI) could be used in artistic gymnastics’ scoring systems to address issues of accuracy, objectivity, explainability, relationship with artistry, interactions with humans and consistency. The paper identifies and illustrates tensions in using such AI-based methods, based on a case study and data from various stakeholder groups of the gymnastics sector. Prof. Willem Standaert also presented the research at the prestigious Copenhagen Business School during a research stay (see picture). The role of AI in explaining and predicting human behaviour is at the heart of marketing research and an important axis of research in the Strategic Marketing Innovation domain.

New teaching case available at Ivey Publishing

Prof. Willem Standaert’s new teaching case covers the Royal Belgian Football Association’s revision of their digital strategy to engage diverse stakeholders. For more information on the case, click here.

A new contribution to the Conversation

Based on her own experience with maternity and her research, Prof. Laurence Dessart shares insights on the paradox of new moms staying connected while remaining anonymous around their motherhood challenges and lives, a behavior called anonymous gregariousness. Discover her article via the Conversation (in French). Prof. Dessart’s upcoming research along with Prof. Bernard Kova (KEDGE Business School) dwells on these findings. Results of the study will be available via ORBI once published.

Guest researchers for our seminar series

Recently, we also welcomed Nadia Steils, our new invited professor of Consumer Behaviour, from the IAE Lille, for a session of our series of Marketing Seminars. Prof. Steils presented her work on “Gamification Myopia: The satiation effect in gamified contexts”.