Become a certified Business Analyst : SAS Certified Young Potentials program

Become a certified Business Analyst : SAS Certified Young Potentials program

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Become a certified Business Analyst / Data Scientist! This is the job of the future!

Nowadays, a company must be able to collect, analyze and handle huge volume of data in order to answer managerial questions and/or offer new top value services.  Amazon, Google, Facebook  are obvious successful stories confirming the importance of data management.  The main question is:  "How to transform raw "stupid" data into valuable "actionable" information?"  This is the job of the Business Analyst. 

In order to achieve such a result, the Business Analyst needs powerful tools.  SAS Base and SAS Enterprise Guide are the platforms used by leading companies. This portfolio aims to prepare you for the official external certification SAS Certified Base Programmer.  Many companies use SAS for their internal analysis, which makes this certification an undeniable added-value to your CV and helps you to secure jobs. Beside, this training should help you for other courses and projects: Statistics, Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, master thesis...

In this learning, you will not learn new data analysis techniques but you’ll become familiar with SAS programming language, the cornerstone of all SAS platforms, to be able to write your own SAS data analysis codes.   More precisely, with this certification in hand, you’ll be able to write your own code to:

  • Import and export raw data files
  • Manipulate and transform data
  • Combines SAS datasets
  • Create basic detail and summary reports  using SAS procedures
  • Identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors

There is no prerequisite in computer programming needed for this portfolio: indeed, the SCYP program walks you through the steps of learning to write code, which could also help for other courses.  But, obviously, you have to be a minimum  computer enthusiast to get the best of it.

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