Entrepreneurial marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing

Langue: anglais
Enseignant-pilote: Michael Ghilissen
Remarque : no pre-requisites.
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Learning from high-potential ventures

The workshop revolves around professionally-financed businesses that are defined by their use of technology to create breakthrough opportunity. It is organized around three major themes:

1. How do you choose your products and your customers and your partners? Why? Because choices must be made quickly since the scarcest resource in any entrepreneurial situation is time. You must focus your effort on those products and customers that leverage the organization's time. Not only will you have to know how to play your part on the team you join, but also you may even have to know how to recruit an industry coalition to deliver the business.

2. How do you apply sales/-marketing tools effectively in an entrepreneurial environment ? Why? Because many people who have been successful in mature, stable companies fail when they transition to an entrepreneurial situation. They usually fail for one of two reasons: their team takes too long to make management decisions or they do not know how to make use of the resources that they do have to increase the odds of achieving the ends they desire. Skilled use of the right tools can really help give you a competitive edge.

3. How do you transition from the products and customers you have to the products and customers you need? Why? Because while most companies can find at least some customers to buy their product or service, many fail to move from that small cadre of early adopters to the mainstream of customers that are critical for the long-term viability of a firm. Even in mature businesses, companies that have prospered for years falter as the world around them changes and, suddenly, reward awaits only those who have the skills to leap away from the world that they know towards totally new businesses.

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