Explore Foreign markets

Explore Foreign markets

Langue: anglais/French/Portuguese
Enseignant pilote : Anne-Christine Cadiat
Type A

This portfolio is organized collaboration with the « Agence Wallonne de Exportation » (AWEX) as part of the Young Business Actors program.

Students will work on local and actual business cases of companies willing to expand their activities abroad. The first step will be to study, from a distance, the company situation and the targeted market as well as to prepare the field trip. Students will then travel to the destination (4 or 5 days) and meet with potential customers and partners. Back in Belgium, they will produce a report that will answer the company expectations in terms of international development.

At the end of the portfolio, students will be able to organize a market research (desk & field), plan a field trip, manage meetings, analyze a situation, develop recommendations about a market extension strategy and communicate the latest to the partner company.

Dernière mise à jour : 14/09/2016