Tax Institute

The Tax Institute of the University of Liege was created as the result of a joint initiative of HEC Management School and the Law Faculty, with the objective of encouraging multidisciplinary projects between the two faculties and beyond.

The Tax Institute comprises specialists from both faculties, and encompasses academic staff and practitioners (members of the bar or in public office, tax consultants, members of public and international organizations).

Specific areas of interest are:

  • fiscal federalism
  • corporate taxation (including international and European aspects)
  • personal income and inheritance taxation
  • indirect taxation (VAT and custom duty)
  • environmental taxation
  • regional and local taxation.

Key disciplines involved include tax law and public finance law, tax policy and administration as well as the economics of taxation.

The Tax Institute also aims at developing multidisciplinary research covering fields such as criminology, history, sociology, and psychology, etc.

Research centers and researchers involved :

Dernière mise à jour : 13/06/2016