Upgrade your Presentation Skills

Upgrade your Presentation Skills

Langue: anglais
Enseignant-pilote: David Homburg
Remarques: no pre-requisites. If you followed the Presentation Skills Workshop with David Homburg in the Bachelor Program, you should not register for this one.
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Nowadays, presentations have become part of the usual assessment methods at University.

In this context, the typical presentation stages a few students telling a bored teacher about a subject he knows much better than themselves. They try to convince him or her that they worked hard and that they did not forget any detail in their talk. If they succeed, this will bring them good marks... This method floods the world with disastrous speakers!

Making a presentation is all about passion, impact and conviction; nobody cares to know how hard you actually worked on your subject if you raise enthusiasm.

Making a presentation is all about effectiveness and clarity; nobody would expect you to be exhaustive in the short time of your presentation, and if you manage to convince people and to raise their interest, they will take the necessary time to get deeper into your subject.

The aim of this workshop is to upgrade your presentation skills and to adapt them to your professional life to come. This will include numerous occasions to make presentations and to debrief on various aspects like stress control, body language, scenography and communication media, structure and storytelling...

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