Erasmus Mobility

To further develop the students' international exposure, we offer them the opportunity of spending a 5-month study period (Erasmus scheme) in a foreign university, either inside or outside Europe. Courses taken abroad are recognized as being an integral part of the curriculum.

Each year approximately 180 students go abroad through this program. Each student’s program abroad represents about 30 ECTS out of 120 ECTS for the whole master’s program or out of 180 ECTS for the whole bachelor program.

The equivalence procedure assures that all courses taken abroad are acceptable substitutes for the courses of our program with regard to content, workload and ECTS value.

According to the last annual survey carried out (2013 [1]), a large majority of students who completed a stay abroad consider it is: 

  • good for their language skills (90%),
  • good for their education (60%)
  • good for their cultural enrichment (100%).

40% believe that this experience oriented their job search in a more international way.

Guidance and support for our outgoing students

Before departure, all students attend information sessions where they are informed of their duties and rights, the administrative formalities to be completed, and the names of their contacts at HEC Liège.

Student exchanges are regulated by a contract signed with the University of Liège, which sets out obligations and rights. 

Grants are available. More info


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[1] Postmaster Survey, MBE for the 2012-2013 graduates cohort (1 year after graduation).

Last update :14/01/2019