Two specialized masters are offered in the domain of Finance:

Banking & Asset Management   CFA


This course gives students specialized skills in:

  • portfolio management
  • financial analysis
  • management of institutions
  • investment decisions (project financing and acquisition/financing of companies).

The focus is on the application of these principles and methods rather than their development by the students.

Target groups       

This program is intended:

  • for students who are attracted by a broad range of jobs in market finance;
  • for students who are attracted by jobs as financial analysts, professions in the world of private equity or corporate finance consultancy;
  • for those who wish to maintain a broad spectrum of career opportunities while choosing a curriculum that will enable them to fit into a professional environment as quickly as possible.

Banking and Asset Management is taught entirely in English.


Skills gained on completion of the specialization

  • reasoning and knowledge in the fields of management of financial institutions and fund management;
  • detailed knowledge of financial institutions, financial markets and tools, the way they function and how to use them;
  • mastering concepts and problems linked to portfolio management and financial risk management;
  • mastering concepts and problems linked to investment decisions entailing company assessment and finance structuring  (Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital);
  • learning the basics of market and company finance and developing expertise and rigor in financial reasoning;
  • understanding the scope of financial operations by mastering innovative approaches, calculating them and optimizing them;
  • obtaining a critical perspective on the skills acquired during the program via personal reflection on the financial function and the experience accumulated during individual and group tasks.

Diploma and specific outcomes

On completion of this course, students are awarded the diploma of “Master in Management Science, with Specialization in Banking & Asset Management”.

Career opportunities as

  • financial analysts
  • fund and asset managers
  • financial market consultants and professionnals,

in the following fields:

  • wealth management (SICAV Management / pension funds / hedge funds) related to all portfolio transactions, day-to-day management of assets and risk management or to making strategic investment decisions;
  • any job linked to portfolio management (institutional investors, private banks, wealth management, insurance etc.);
  • financial analyst role in a private equity fund or a bank (buy-side or sell-side financial analyst), or in a financial institution;
  • consultancy role in a Corporate Finance department;
  • any kind of executive function in financial institutions and commercial, industrial or financial companies concerning, among other areas, cash management, management of assets / liabilities or credit management.



The Master in Management (Banking and Asset Management) program of HEC Liège has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program. This status is granted to institutions whose degree program(s) incorporate at least 70% of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), which provide students with a solid grounding in the CBOK and positions them well to sit for the CFA exams. CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and administers the industry gold standard CFA charter. For more information, visit


Financial Analysis and Audit


This program trains future executive managers and corporate executives of businesses and organizations specializing in all business areas related to both internal and external control processes.

Target groups

The program is intended for students wishing to pursue a career in Finance (auditor, certified public accountant, etc.).

Financial Analysis and Auditing is partially taught in English.


Skills gained on completion of the specialization

            ° In technical matters:

  • Mastery of accounting, financial, auditing and legal procedures necessary for a good understanding of the risks that organizations face on a daily basis;
  • The capacity to gauge these risks as to the strategic, economic, legal and ethical context of an organization’s environment;
  • The integration (or due consideration) of the strategic, ethical, legal and economic context of organizations, so as to develop systems for internal and external control, to manage the identified risks and to control them;

            ° In behavioral matters:

  • To be able to develop an overall and cross-functional vision of the running of an organization, while combining their experience in the field with a more conceptual approach.

Diploma and specific outcomes

At the end of this specialization, students obtain the degree of “Master in Management, with a specialization in Financial Analysis and Audit”.


Career opportunities in corporate finance as

  • Finance director of a commercial or industrial company;
  • Credit analyst or credit manager with a commercial bank;
  • Consultant/ analyst in acquisitions and mergers;
  • Financial analyst: assistant financial manager in a large company; treasurer in a commercial or industrial company, or in a nonprofit organization;
  • Financial consultant in public or private entities (investments);
  • In matters of external control: as business auditor, external auditor, specialist consultant, certifying officer;
  • In matters of internal auditing: as comptroller, internal comptroller, internal auditor, internal process auditor;
  • In the financial professions: IRE (Belgian Institute of Company Auditors), IEC (Belgian Association of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors), IPCF (Belgian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Accountants).

In time, this degree quickly leads to a senior position in a wide range of companies and different types of organizations, to take-overs of existing companies or to a position of director or independent director on a board of directors.

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