HEC Liège and NUCE (Vietnam)

In Hanoi, Vietnam, we offer a one-year bridge program in collaboration with the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), with the support of the AWEX (Walloon Export and Investment Agency).

The program targets candidates holding an engineering degree. It is fully conducted in English (63 ECTS) and is partly taught by HEC Liège professors.

On full completion of the program, students receive an Executive Certificate in Industrial Management.


The best students may apply for direct admission to our Master in Business Engineering.

Those who receive admission have to attend a specific program of 90 ECTS in Liège (3 semesters). At the end of their studies in Liege, the students will receive our Master’s Degree in Business Engineering.



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Frequently asked questions for NUCE students


Applying for a scholarship to study in Liege

When do we have to submit the application form for a scholarship to study at the University of Liege?

Detailed information:


Do we have to wait for the admission letter of the University of Liege to apply for a scholarship?


No, students apply for admission and for a ULg scholarship at the same time. The application for a ULg scholarship will be cancelled if students are denied admission.


When do we know if the application to Liege is accepted?


An Academic Board examines the applications. This Board meets every month. Since the application deadline for non-European students is April 30, students will be notified at the end of May at the latest. If your application is accepted, you will receive a provisional acceptance. This one will be confirmed at the end of June, after successfully attending the whole program in Hanoi (Executive Master in Industrial Management) and getting a 13/20 average.


When will we know if the scholarship is granted?


At the end of June.


Admission and enrollment procedures at the University of Liege

What are the requirements for self-supporting students ?


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Which majors can we apply to?


Students may apply to three different specializations:


What are the requirements and criteria for a scholarship?


Detailed information:



What are the procedures for a scholarship and what is the deadline?


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Studying in Belgium

How long does the Master program last ?


Our Master program lasts 2 years, 120 ECTS credits in total. Engineering graduates who successfully attend the Executive Master in Industrial Management co-organized by NUCE and HEC-ULg will be directly admitted in the second year of the Master program. In this case, the course in Belgium will last one year for them, and will totalize 75 ECTS credits, including writing a master thesis (20 ECTS).


How is the year organized at HEC-ULg?


You will find details about the organization of the academic year at: http://www.ulg.ac.be/en/erasmus/in/academic/calendar 



Do we have to submit a proof of level of English?


Yes, candidates have to proof a B2 level - IELTS 6.0 - when applying (April 30) by submitting a proof of an official test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge test, for example).


Living in Belgium

How much does it cost for a 1-year study?


+/- 600 € per month:



Who is the contact person for accommodation? How many types of accommodation will we find in Liege?


Information about accommodation can be obtained through:

  •  the Accommodation Department of the University of Liege : ULg - Accommodation
  •  ESN HEC (student organization in charge of the integration of foreign students at HEC-ULg) : ESN - Accommodation


Is it difficult to manage if we do not speak French?


Many people in Liege can speak English, but for a better understanding of our culture and of our people, we would advise students to start learning French before arriving in Liege.



Where can we learn French?


The University of Liege offers French language classes (preparatory and evening classes). 

Detailed information:


When should we arrive in Liege?


Make sure to arrive at least one week before the beginning of the lectures. This will be necessary for you to adjust to your new environment and to fill in your administrative duties.

We also encourage you to attend the Intensive French Program organized at ULg, two weeks before the beginning of the lectures. See above.

Last but not least, a compulsory welcoming session will be organized on September 15th. You MUST attend it! 

Make sure to start your visa procedure in due time.

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