Certificate in Environmental Management


  • The respect and conservation of the environment are contemporary values for individuals and companies alike
  • This is one of the “pillars” of the Belgian Federal sustainable development project
  • Under the Walloon decree on waste, companies must include environmental management in their agenda  
  • Companies must have environmental specialists to guide them and advise them in this development.

A university training program covering both technical and managerial aspects in the field of the environment has become indispensable.

Target groups

In particular, this program provides training for future environmental experts, called environmental coordinators by the Walloon Government.  

Target groups for the program:

  • All employees of companies, bodies or administrative departments who have received technical or commercial training and who wish to acquire the knowledge required for environmental management
  • All persons wishing to redirect their career in the field of the environment.  

After completing this training program, graduates will meet the requirements of regional, national and European environmental policies, thus becoming the resource persons in this field within their respective companies or administrative bodies.


  • This is a very concrete training program with case study analyses, visits to sites, role playing and broad interactivity between students and teachers,
  • thanks to professors who are professionally active in environmental issues.


  • Since January 2009, the Belgian Federal Council of Surveyors (le Conseil Fédéral des Géomètres-Experts) has recognized the modules “Environmental Law” and “Earth, water, air” as training for surveyors.
  • This program, along with a secondary school leaving certificate, enable graduates to be recognized as environmental advisors by the Association Belge des Eco-conseillers et Conseillers en Environnement (ABECE – Belgian Association of Eco-Advisors and Environmental Advisors).
Last update :17/01/2018